L.A. Times Daily - Oct 25 2023

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Clues Answers
"You for Me" singer Rita ORA
"__ a chance!" NOT
*"Attractive!" EYECATCHING
*"Delicious!" LIPSMACKING
Amazon's arrow smile, e.g LOGO
Ballet leaps JETES
Bark elicitor SPEAK
Big fuss TODO
Breakfast brand EGGO
Breakfast brand MAYPO
Buddy letters BFF
Corp. makeover REORG
Cut, as a log SAWN
Dean's list no GPA
Dilation target PUPIL
Droop SAG
Expert in Islamic law MUFTI
Firetruck tool AXE
Free jazz kin BEBOP
Function USE
Fundamental BASAL
George Gershwin's songwriting brother IRA
Gp. known for travelers' checks TSA
Gumshoes TECS
Gut feeling SENSE
Hilo hello ALOHA
Hoosier hoopster PACER
Hurdle for Ph.D. hopefuls GRE
Inelegant bit of typesetting WIDOW
Injury reminder SCAR
Intel collector SPY
International fashion magazine ELLE
Issa of "The Photograph" RAE
Large volume TOME
Latin 101 verb ERAT
Letter-shaped girders IBARS
Like potato chips but not mashed potatoes CRISP
Clues Answers
Lots of ozs LBS
Made shorter, in a way EDITEDDOWN
Many an emoji, and a feature of the starred clues and their answers? FACIALEXPRESSION
Marketplaces on smartphones APPSTORES
Meal that gets tossed SALAD
Metal derived from cassiterite TIN
More rational SANER
Not particularly inspiring BLAH
Old anesthetic ETHER
Othello's false friend IAGO
Patients' main MDs PCPS
Pedal pushers FEET
Pelvic bones SACRA
Pharmaceutical giant AMGEN
Place to share pics INSTA
Place to stop on an RV trip KOA
Plain text PROSE
Pod in Cajun cuisine OKRA
Pulitzer winner Ferber EDNA
Religious subdivisions SECTS
Replayed tennis serve LET
Say "y'all," say ELIDE
Singer-songwriter DiFranco ANI
Site with tutorials EHOW
Small digit? TOE
South American mammal related to the raccoon COATI
Spread of cultural ideas, e.g DIFFUSION
Sunlit courtyards ATRIA
Sunscreen letters SPF
Texting tech SMS
Thin nails BRADS
Tool for making neat beds EDGER
Urchin-eating mammal OTTER
Wanderer NOMAD
Water filter brand BRITA
Whomp, quaintly SMITE
Winter carnival structure ICEPALACE
Without a rival UNOPPOSED