Universal - Oct 24 2023

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Clues Answers
"Bearded" flower IRIS
"Can't you see we're busy?!" INABIT
"I triple-dog- ___ you!" DARE
"Ta-ta!" BYE
"Yeah, not happening" UMNO
2001 Enrique Iglesias hit, covered by Bob Dylan? FOLKHERO
2015 Maroon 5 hit, covered by ... Maroon 5? POPSUGAR
2016 Rihanna hit, covered by Avicii? HOUSEWORK
2017 Calvin Harris hit, covered by the Foo Fighters? ROCKSLIDE
2019 Taylor Swift hit, covered by Bad Bunny? LATINLOVER
Actor Guinness ALEC
Aplenty GALORE
Battleship successes HITS
Boxer Laila ALI
Brownie recipe instruction MIX
Cape Canaveral org NASA
Class-conscious org.? PTA
Company that created a Sonic boom? SEGA
Covert operator SPY
Disappearing sea ARAL
Door handle KNOB
Enjoy thoroughly SAVOR
Frankenstein's underling IGOR
Fuzzy forest growth MOSS
Garten on the Food Network INA
Give up CEDE
Heartless visitor to Oz TINMAN
Highest face card KING
Holy book holders ARKS
Houston's state TEXAS
Idyllic place XANADU
Incentive for taking some hard HS classes APCREDIT
It might help an arm rest SLING
John, Paul or John Paul POPE
Leave out OMIT
Like a loud and angry group INANUPROAR
Like comedian Maeve Higgins IRISH
Low-scoring soccer result ONENIL
Clues Answers
Major bargain STEAL
Male romantic interest, from the Italian INAMORATO
Matterhorn, for one ALP
Merge into one AMALGAMATE
Mine deposits ORES
Minecraft streamer, say GAMER
Muscat resident OMANI
Obtained GOT
Ohio birthplace of LeBron James AKRON
Ones with the scoop INSIDERS
Out magazine letters LGBT
Parking spots at many bars? STOOLS
Pet rocks, once FAD
Place to grow or cook vegetables POT
Poker giveaways TELLS
Precipice BRINK
Prefix for "tube" or "second" NANO
Punishment-related PENAL
QVC alternative HSN
Resistant to illness IMMUNE
Scurried away RAN
Serengeti antelope GNU
Singer Guthrie ARLO
Singer Zayn MALIK
Smoke, briefly CIG
Sport for Japanese heavyweights SUMO
Sprinter Jesse OWENS
Star ___ (Asian spice) ANISE
Strike on the head BONK
Tear apart RIP
The "A" of NBA: Abbr ASSN
Trio with the song "No Scrubs" TLC
United States ex rel. Gerald Mayo v. ___ and His Staff (1971 case) SATAN
Usher in, as a new year HERALD
Warrior princess of '90s TV XENA
___ Lanka SRI