Family Time - Oct 23 2023

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Clues Answers
"Anna and the King of ___" SIAM
"Another thing ..." ALSO
"Get outta here!" SCRAM
"Great" hairy creature APE
"Of course, Captain!" AYE
"So, what ___ is going on?" ELSE
"These ___ my favorite stuffed animals!" ARE
Archaeologist's site RUIN
Ascend, like a hawk SOAR
Baseballer's corner BASE
Be a semitruck driver HAUL
Become married WED
Best way to play chess STRATEGICALLY
Betting advisor TIPSTER
Biography detail AGE
Body part that many paint TOENAIL
Bread spread JAM
Burn soother ALOE
Cause of yawning BOREDOM
Collection of miscellany OLIO
Cutting remark SARCASM
Distinguished NOTABLE
Drains, as of strength SAPS
Finger count TEN
Florida city TAMPA
Grassy field LEA
Half a stereo? MONO
Highest point of an orbit APOGEE
Housemate of Sleepy and Dopey DOC
Huggies wearer TOT
Clues Answers
Identified or dubbed NAMED
It holds breakfast, lunch and dinner TABLE
Lifeline in the womb (2 words) UMBILICALCORD
Made a web, like a spider SPUN
Made up your mind, finally DECIDED
Make one's getaway ESCAPE
Mammal whacked at carnivals MOLE
Moray is one EEL
Mouth part JAW
Mustard, in Clue COLONEL
Not-yet-discovered musician's tape DEMO
Novel idea? PLOT
Opened or operated USED
Phone download APP
Place for bats to hang CAVE
Place for rakes and shovels SHED
Popular thing then, but not now FAD
Prepare, as incoming students ORIENT
Prescription info DOSAGE
Ready to get some rest TIRED
Recycling receptacle BIN
Reddish-brown horse ROAN
Rhyming writer POET
Say it isn't so DENY
Sound engineer's control FADER
Title document DEED
Very wicked EVIL
Web connection? CAM
___-friendly USER