Universal - Oct 23 2023

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Clues Answers
"At Last" singer James ETTA
"C'___ la vie" EST
"Golden" tune OLDIE
"The Simpsons" bartender MOE
"This ___ to stop!" HAS
A big one makes teamwork tough EGO
About, before a year CIRCA
Amusingly absurd ZANY
Appear ominously LOOM
Assembled MADE
Bank offerings: Abbr CDS
Binary question type YESNO
Bronc-riding event RODEO
Corp. bigwig CEO
Deli sandwich BLT
Earthy pigment from iron ore OCHER
Egyptian queen played by Liz Taylor CLEO
Extreme delight GLEE
Family KIN
Friend of the LGBTQ+ community ALLY
Frisbee shape DISC
Gallery pieces ART
Green Hornet's sidekick KATO
Grill residue ASH
Guitarists' chances to shine SOLOS
Hammer end PEEN
Harley bike HOG
Have a ball REVEL
Hostile audience TOUGHCROWD
Insurance salesperson? BLACKJACKDEALER
Kind of mask or pole SKI
Lead dog ALPHA
Length of a brief email ONESENTENCE
Like draft beer ONTAP
Lower the brightness of DIM
Luggage attachments IDTAGS
Mardi Gras follower LENT
Match up, like devices SYNC
Mexican food with a shell TACO
Clues Answers
More unusual ODDER
Move back and forth SWAY
Moves up and down YOYOS
Not much ATAD
On the topic of ASTO
Online chats: Abbr IMS
Org. once led by Nelson Mandela ANC
Org. with COVID guidelines CDC
Part of a play SCENE
Patek Philippe, for one WATCHMAKER
Pea holder POD
Plea for assistance ... or what you might say to 58-Across, 3-Down or 9-Down? GIVEMEAHAND
Plea for freedom LETMEGO
Pours off, as wine DECANTS
Prague native CZECH
Promote publicly PLUG
Put on DON
Puts up ERECTS
Raven's cry CAW
Relative of Inc LLC
Remote button for taping REC
Sarcastically enthusiastic response OHJOY
Scottish hillside BRAE
Shiny jewelry BLING
Short comedic performance SKIT
So much ATON
Sound from a water cooler GLUG
Sporty Mazda MIATA
Starchy tropical tuber TARO
Stimpy's cartoon pal REN
Stocked up on again REORDERED
Strong beer ALE
Stuff in Santa's sack TOYS
Texter's "!!!!!" OMG
Ties, as a sneaker LACESUP
Totally lost ATSEA
Utter trash DRECK
What the 2024 Dodge Charger aptly is ELECTRICCAR
___-bitsy ITSY