Universal - Oct 22 2023

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Clues Answers
"Funny!" HAH
"I'm down!" YEAH
"It's the least I ___ do!" COULD
"May the ___ be with you" FORCE
"Really, though?!" YOURENOTSERIOUS
"The Lion King" baddie SCAR
"The Secret World of ___ Mack" ('90s Nickelodeon show) ALEX
"The ___ of Pleasure" (2023 Janelle Monae album) AGE
"You good to go?" READY
Acid's counterpart BASE
Actor Daniel ___ Kim DAE
Apply, as pressure EXERT
Athlete in a ring BOXER
Awesome, slangily BOSS
Barbie or Ken DOLL
Barely ATAD
Boasts, colloquially FLEXES
Brand of dry-erase markers EXPO
Breads that can be stuffed PITAS
Browse, as the internet SURF
Bulk section units: Abbr LBS
Centerpiece of some spring celebrations MAYPOLE
Common sleep disorder APNEA
Course for some native Spanish speakers: Abbr ESL
Down for the count, briefly KOD
Eight bits BYTE
Events with a single occurrence ONEOFFS
Famed Silk Road traveler MARCOPOLO
Fully supportive response IMALLFORIT
Goes on a tirade RANTS
Google Maps tech GPS
Gravity-defying part of a roller coaster LOOPDELOOP
Hatha yoga posture ASANA
Clues Answers
Head and neck docs ENTS
Here and now PRESENTDAY
Hermit ___ CRAB
Honeydew, e.g MELON
Impressive spreads? SPLITS
Language spoken in Vientiane LAO
Leader of the Holy See POPE
Lubricated OILED
Marsupial whose male has a scent gland on its chest KOALA
Massive concert venue ARENA
Name within "Daniela" ANI
Needing an emotional bond for physical attraction DEMISEXUAL
One may live in Belgrade SERB
Org. headquartered in Langley CIA
Perceived appearance IMAGE
Person who might give you a crash course? ITPRO
Photo that needs sharpening BLUR
Playback speed SLOMO
Plotting together INCAHOOTS
Pucker, as lips PURSE
Roman moon goddess LUNA
Sauce in Louisiana Creole cuisine REMOULADE
Sellers of decadent pastries with cream cheese frosting CINNABONS
Sponsored spots ADS
Stuff in a horror movie GORE
Swampy area BOG
Tom and Jerry? NAMES
Unexpectedly rewarding ODDLYSATISFYING
Vanilla-flavored pop CREAMSODA
Very, in Italian MOLTO
Vigilant ALERT
Word before "puddle" or "pie" MUD
Yard feature appreciated by pet owners FENCE
___ and aahs OOHS
___ Paulo SAO