Universal - Oct 20 2023

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Clues Answers
"Bald-faced" statement LIE
"Couldn't agree more!" AMEN
"Good" or "dastardly" actions DEEDS
"How stomach-churning!" UGH
"I'm astounded!" feeling AWE
"iZombie" network THECW
"Lucky Hank" channel AMC
"Not this ___!" ("Stop bringing it up!") AGAIN
"Now!" letters ASAP
"Perhaps" MAYBE
"Scram!" LEAVE
"Simply to be on the safe side" JUSTINCASE
"Thanks a ___!" LOT
"That is to say ..." IMEAN
"What a tragedy!" ALAS
"___ the Woods" (musical) INTO
1 1 1 ONES
Actress Hatcher TERI
Actress Sedgwick KYRA
Aromatic tree PINE
Aussie bird EMU
Bouncer at a wine bar? PINOTGUARD
Brits call them "court shoes" PUMPS
Bug irritating Spot FLEA
Caesar's words to Brutus ETTU
Construct ERECT
Contemporary fabrics? LATTERDAYSATINS
Cover with sparkly beads, say ADORN
Croaking creatures TOADS
Doctors' org AMA
Doesn't continue ENDS
Eatery's fancy tableware? RESTAURANTCHINA
Female bleaters EWES
Gives the go-ahead SAYSOK
Group of goats HERD
Iraq-to-Iran direction EAST
It's the wurst! SAUSAGE
KFC piece LEG
Kind of list TODO
Clues Answers
Life ___ (pool garment) VEST
Mantra akin to "Eat, sleep, hoops, repeat" BALLISLIFE
Merman who sang "Everything's Coming Up Roses" ETHEL
Minor setback SNAG
Mint container TIN
Modern "ancient" diet PALEO
More compact DENSER
Narrow waterway STRAIT
New father's joyous exclamation IMADAD
Not naked DRESSED
Org. that regulates cheese FDA
Overflow (with) TEEM
Painters' stands EASELS
Pepsi pop-ups, perhaps ADS
Posed a query ASKED
Power unit WATT
Prepares to move PACKS
Psychic "skill," for short ESP
Publicity ___ (flashy bit of marketing) STUNT
Responds to an allergen REACTS
Silver Dollar City attraction RIDE
Smile contemptuously SNEER
Split fifty-fifty HALVE
Story used for storage ATTIC
Strong of "Teen Titans" TARA
That's what you think! IDEA
They include "L, M, N, O, P" ABCS
Totally hyped up AMPED
USPS delivery MAIL
Weightiness HEFT
Where a Dorito shaped like the pope's hat sold for $1,209 EBAY
Word before "rights" or "engineer" CIVIL
Write a blog post, say TYPE
www.fandom.com, e.g URL
Ye olde horse STEED
Young S.F. football fan? NINERCHILD
___ clean (revealed the truth) CAME
___ Mahal TAJ
___ the knot (wed) TIE