L.A. Times Daily - Oct 20 2023

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Clues Answers
"Alert: Yo-Yo's here!"? YOUVEGOTMA
"Go get it," to a dog FETCH
"I'm all __" EARS
"Live it up!" HAVEFUN
2023 role for Ryan, Simu, Kingsley, and others KEN
A bit steep PRICY
Actress Hedren TIPPI
Ages and ages EONS
Arthur who authored "A Hard Road to Glory" ASHE
Australian gems OPALS
Bhagavad-__ GITA
Book end, perhaps INDEX
Breezy goodbye CIAO
Caribbean island with the Pitons STLUCIA
Chocolate brand owned by Berkshire Hathaway SEES
Dark side of a notable pair YIN
Deception SCAM
Deception LIE
Director Lee ANG
Encouraging start ATTA
Exempli gratia, e.g LATIN
Finishes ENDS
Flat-iron brand CHI
Game, __, match SET
Goes after a fly SWATS
Goes deep PLUNGES
Groceries carrier BAG
Ilsa __: "Casablanca" heroine LUND
Just scrape (out) EKE
Like some larb LAO
Machines used on a peacock farm? FEATHERPLOWS
Maestro Zubin MEHTA
Many a "Veep" role AIDE
Marshall McLuhan focus MEDIA
Not allow to expire RENEW
Ore-Ida offering TOT
Org. with sponsored Medicare plans AARP
Clues Answers
Peak near Catania ETNA
Performed a saut de chat, e.g LEAPT
Philip Marlowe genre NOIR
Picnic snack that appears to have picnic invaders ANTSONALOG
Pig pad STY
Piggy bank addition COIN
Poker variety STUD
Prof's email ender EDU
Pronoun option SHE
Question of permission MAYI
Really hot person in the cockpit? MELTINGPILOT
Recipient of a half-hearted gift? BFF
Relax LOLL
Requires ENTAILS
Reusable 5-Down TOTE
Ruckuses DINS
Rural road LANE
Say "neener neener," say TAUNT
Sch. with a Twin Cities campus UOFM
Small salad and half a sandwich, say LIGHTLUNCH
So much ATON
Soft side? MASH
Son of Seth ENOS
Square footage AREA
Staple legumes, or parsed differently, what 16- and 24-Across did for 51- and 63-Across LENTILS
Story with a lesson FABLE
Tahiti sweetie AMIE
Tit for tat, maybe TYPO
To, the contrary FRO
Tylenol target PAIN
Uncomfortable sensation ACHE
Uncomfortable sensation ITCH
Understood KNEW
Uses Photoshop EDITS
Vocal quality TONE
Window section PANE
Wooden model of an Italian city? STICKMILAN
Word with blood or moon BLUE
__ bunny DUST