The Times - Cryptic - Times Quick Cryptic No 2509

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Clues Answers
Approval since dispatched ASSENT
Burrow, secure, hollow and dry SETT
Conductor’s coat he’d ordered CATHODE
Deal perhaps without needing overdose WOOD
Doctor is after true comfort SOLACE
Dropped subject, as not known initially SANK
English article, genuine, and spiritual ETHEREAL
English author’s gold mine ORWELL
Fashionable star seen idly removing odd bits TRENDY
Feathered singer finding warmth in clothing WHEATEAR
Force Peg to appear on Thursday TEETH
Fuel comes to an end — eight litres originally DIESEL
Hard-hearted, throwing bread out OBDURATE
Clues Answers
Managed to turn up to class to do stories? NARRATE
Milky drink you might pick up for Arab leader SHEIKH
Moment on rocky peak to see area SECTOR
Observed someone other than Times boss? NOTED
Old Ed, silver on top AGED
One hug oddly is sufficient! ENOUGH
Pasta coming from Baltic port to NI RIGATONI
Problem Yankee finds easy to remember CATCHY
Route we can find in clinic ourselves COURSE
Socialist student body returns, causing split SUNDER
Tests in multiculturalism — a xenophobe upset! EXAMS
Truce organised as fierce battle’s ending CEASEFIRE
Wife into strong flavours making nasal sounds! TWANGS