Family Time - Oct 16 2023

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Clues Answers
"Despite that ..." YET
"King" among snakes COBRA
"Looney Tunes" company ACME
"Render therefore ___ Caesar ..." UNTO
22-Across part that is colorful IRIS
A tropical fruit PAPAYA
An Ivy League school YALE
Baseball play that produces an out CATCH
Bird's nest AERIE
Carbonated beverage COLA
Catholic clergyman PRIEST
Chin crease CLEFT
Climbing shrub WISTERIA
Comic book or video game, e.g ART
Concise, as a saying PITHY
Container for 57-Across CAN
Courtroom entry PLEA
Cow says what? MOO
Curved part of a river BEND
Cutlass handle HILT
Dermatologist's case ACNE
Entreat PRAY
Every bit ALL
First-kit linking word AID
For each one PER
Ghost's greeting BOO
Ginger beverage ALE
Groot looks like one TREE
It may hold soup or flowers POT
It's "new" every 1/1 YEAR
It's above the attic ROOF
Like a quick learner APT
Like celery past its prime LIMP
Like God HOLY
Clues Answers
Make money EARN
Me, you and the bass player TRIO
Metal in a mine ORE
Missile house SILO
Not hard EASY
One of eight on an octopus ARM
One of two on a face EYE
Part of a tennis match SET
Peel, as fruit PARE
Pigeon says what? COO
Pinocchio, famously LIAR
Pixar film about Day of the Dead COCO
Point not worth debating about MOOT
Put luggage on a ship LADE
Put up, as an office building ERECT
Result of coming in second to the winner LOSS
Road material TAR
Scatter, as a crowd DISPERSE
Sedan, e.g AUTO
Sharp part of a knife EDGE
Shopping bag TOTE
Ski-lift device TBAR
Something a toddler makes MESS
Sound receiver EAR
Spoken rather than written ORAL
Teacher's favorite PET
Trade SWAP
Type of rug AREA
Typical high schooler TEEN
Uproar RIOT
Window threshold SILL
Worn-out cloth RAG
Written homework assignment ESSAY
Young? No, no, no OLD