Family Time - Oct 15 2023

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Clues Answers
"It's all clear to me now" (2 words) ISEE
"Little Things Mean ___" (2 words) ALOT
"Over there!" LOOK
"The Price Is Right" channel CBS
"You guys," in Louisiana YALL
3D movie SFX, for short CGI
A sniggler catches it EEL
ACL injury locale KNEE
Attila's pet name for his wife? HON
Bro's sib SIS
By word-of-mouth ORAL
Cash drawer TILL
Chum PAL
Circular section of a circle ARC
Cold War threat HBOMB
Color of Elmo and Mr. Krabs RED
Continent home to the largest statue in the world ASIA
Currently possesses HAS
Damage the surface MAR
Do this for wrinkles no more IRON
Down Under fowl EMU
Drake's genre RAP
Enjoy mustard-covered popcorn EAT
Family name in "The Wizard of Oz" GALE
Farm animal with horns RAM
Feeling of brilliant wonder AWE
Get with great effort (with "out") EKE
Glorious mountain peaks ALPS
Grand ___ (wine) CRU
Hand part PALM
Hiking trails PATHS
Clues Answers
Hits on the noggin BOPS
Housing for a certain reptile (2 words) TORTOISESHELL
Implementing practical jokes (2 words) BOOBYTRAPPING
Leaves GOES
Limbo need BAR
Mermaid's home SEA
Mighty African river NILE
NBA stat REB
Norway's capitol OSLO
One designing skyscrapers ARCHITECT
Opera feature ARIA
Person with spaghetti sauce all over their clothes, perhaps SLOB
Place for presents (2 words) CHRISTMASTREE
Place for small planes AIRPARK
Put into words SAY
Short on details SKETCHY
Smell so bad REEK
So amazing it's unspeakable INDESCRIBABLE
Squeal TELL
Suspicious WARY
Sympathetic compassion PITY
Two words before "I'm told" ORSO
U-turn from wealthy POOR
Use a bench SIT
Venomous reptile ASP
What bowling balls do ROLL
Wolf, in Ecuador LOBO
Woodwind played in an orchestra OBOE
___ code (part of a phone number) AREA
___-Wan of "Star Wars" OBI