L.A. Times Daily - Oct 15 2023

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Clues Answers
"Ditto" IAGREE
"Fernando" singers ABBA
"Fire away" ASK
"Ghost" psychic __ Mae Brown ODA
"Isn't __ bit like you and me?": Beatles lyric HEA
"Sicko Mode" rapper Travis __ SCOTT
"__ only money" ITS
1950s politico Stevenson ADLAI
Acquiring the rights for a Sandra Bullock action film? LANDINGSPEED
Adroit ABLE
Allude (to) REFER
Apply haphazardly SLAPON
Architectural style TUDOR
At the wrong time OUTOFTURN
Baja resort, familiarly CABO
Between, in French ENTRE
Bhutan locale ASIA
Big letters in home security ADT
Big name in banking CITI
Bring in IMPORT
Brute OGRE
Came out on top WON
Canadian bank notes featuring civil rights activist Viola Desmond TENS
Capone cohort NITTI
Carafe size LITER
Cartoon canine ODIE
Chocolaty cereal brand OREOOS
Chopping down AXING
Chuck who broke the sound barrier YEAGER
Clothing line SEAM
Coffee machine setting GRIND
College major that may involve many museum trips ART
Colorful tee TIEDYE
Come clean, with "up" FESS
Communicate with one's hands SIGN
Composing the music for a Tom Hanks fantasy film? SCORINGBIG
Costello partner ABBOTT
Country estate VILLA
Dark signs EVILOMENS
Declarer AVOWER
Deodorant brand MENNEN
Dictate DECREE
Down source GEESE
Downtown street MAINDRAG
Drink brand with a green leaf logo NESTEA
Drop-down list MENU
Drug bust unit KILO
Eager AGOG
Editing scenes from a Wesley Snipes vampire film? CUTTINGBLADE
Elated GLAD
Enervates SAPS
Envelope MAILER
Facility EASE
Fireplace piece GRATE
First word for some babies MAMA
Footnote notation IBIDEM
Formal agreement YESSIR
Four score and ten NINETY
Frazier opponent ALI
French article UNE
Get into DON
Gilbert and Sullivan work OPERETTA
Going on a promotional tour for a Sigourney Weaver family film? PLUGGINGHOLES
Govt. security TNOTE
Clues Answers
Grows old AGES
Haughty one SNOOT
Hearth residue ASH
Herd noises MOOS
Hiring actors for a Shailene Woodley survival-at-sea film? CASTINGADRIFT
Hose woes SNAGS
Hosp. areas ERS
Hudson River capital ALBANY
Hungers YENS
ICU worker LPN
In a quarrel ATIT
In apple-pie order NEAT
Island chain? LEI
Jump the __ GUN
Kaitlin of "It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia" OLSON
Least risky SAFEST
Liechtenstein's language GERMAN
Like aspirin, briefly OTC
Like cheap toilet paper ONEPLY
Like some conclusions FOREGONE
Loses control on the ice SKIDS
Many a night owl LATERISER
Mortise inserts TENONS
Native Nebraskans OTOES
New Rochelle school with an award-winning pipe band IONA
No-goodnik CAD
Nobel Institute city OSLO
Nth, for one ORDINAL
Officially give CEDETO
Omani neighbor YEMENI
On top of everything TOO
Outback canine DINGO
Paradises EDENS
Peacock network NBC
Pension beneficiaries RETIREES
Place with a trough STY
Poet __ Manley Hopkins GERARD
Poker stake ANTE
Primary color RED
Putting the final touches on an Ed Asner Pixar film? WRAPPINGUP
Queens team THEMETS
Radioactive element named for a planet URANIUM
Relishes SAVORS
Santa __ winds ANA
Showing the final cut of a Jennifer Lawrence sci-fi film? SCREENINGPASSENGERS
Simpsons grandfather ABE
Singer/actress Kazan LAINIE
Skin care brand NIVEA
Sleep stage REM
Small duck SMEW
Solemn ceremony RITE
Spare place TRUNK
Speck DOT
Swenson of "Benson" INGA
Trainee PUPIL
Tribal emblems TOTEMS
Two-time NBA Finals MVP Kevin DURANT
U-turn from SSW NNE
Wedding dress option SAREE
Welcomes LETSIN
Wheel securer LUGNUT
Winter coaster SLED
Wishes undone RUES
Withdrawing INRETREAT
Word in the names of two MLB teams SOX
__ about: circa ONOR
__ trip EGO
__TV: reality show channel TRU