The Guardian - Quick crossword No 16,674 - Oct 14 2023

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Clues Answers
At once PRONTO
Bird — boy's name MARTIN
Completely TOTALLY
Condition of agreement STIPULATION
Deep violet-blue colour INDIGO
Exclamation of disgust UGH
Florida resort MIAMI
Fuss ADO
Hampshire military base ALDERSHOT
Having only one meaning UNAMBIGUOUS
Item of jewellery EARRING
Leisurely walk STROLL
Clues Answers
Lout OAF
One of the Brontë sisters CHARLOTTE
Previously mentioned AFORESAID
Punishment that one deserves COMEUPPANCE
Something of value ASSET
System of principles or beliefs CREDO
Take eagerly GRASP
Tool used for piercing holes AWL
Vertical UPRIGHT
Very old ANCIENT