Universal - Oct 12 2023

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Clues Answers
"Baywatch" star Anderson PAMELA
"Beauty and the Beast" villain GASTON
"Me? Never!" IDONOT
"Quickly!" ASAP
"Yay me!" TADA
Active during a game INPLAY
Actors' signals CUES
Air current from a propeller SLIPSTREAM
Alpha follower BETA
Ambulance figure: Abbr EMT
And other authors: Abbr ETAL
Approach to eating mints? TICTACTACTIC
Bulldogs' Ivy YALE
Category of physics for Niels Bohr ATOMIC
Certain people SOME
Coast down a snowy hill SLED
Den fixtures TVS
Desired answer to a proposal YES
Empath Troi DEANNA
Funerary vase URN
Get ___ (punny name for a book club) LIT
Hand holder? ARM
High-pH substance ALKALI
Hillock KNOLL
In danger ATRISK
In pieces APART
Indonesian dish with skewers SATAY
It pokes a bit of food TINE
James sampled in Avicii's "Levels" ETTA
Lamb's dad RAM
Lie like a ___ RUG
Lightning's state of matter PLASMA
Like less cloudy skies BLUER
Like notebook paper LINED
Look to be SEEM
Low-pH substance ACID
Make makeshift stitches BASTE
Clues Answers
MGM lion LEO
Moment, for short SEC
Month after Aug SEP
Morning sickness, e.g NAUSEA
Mystical symbol RUNE
Name that's a facial feature backward RAE
Narrow valley GLEN
Nativity prop at a Christkindlmarkt? GERMANMANGER
Neckwear worn on Hawaii's bits of land? ISLELEIS
Not severe MILD
Packaged serving of coffee KCUP
Passed along, verbally RETOLD
Philosopher Immanuel KANT
Pigmented liquid DYE
Pigmented liquids INKS
Prepare to propose KNEEL
Prominent Swedish group ... or a structural hint to 17-, 28-, 46- or 62-Across ABBA
Qatari leader EMIR
Reactions to something adorable AWS
Revises EDITS
Russian leader, once TSAR
Single-stranded molecule RNA
Sonia Sotomayor or Sofia Vergara, for instance LATINA
Stand-up routines SETS
State crossed in an annual bike ride IOWA
Such that you might SOASTO
Tell the teacher, say TATTLE
Texter's "I'll get there around ..." ETA
They don't perform their own songs COVERBANDS
They fill a cornfield STALKS
thisWritingStyle CAMELCASE
TurboTax's company INTUIT
What fashion forecasters predict TRENDS
What we orbit SUN
Whole Foods' Texas home AUSTIN
Without much attention IDLY
Zing PEP
Zuck's wish after a wild year? TAMEMETA