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Clues Answers
"Atlanta" actress Zazie BEETZ
"Hail!," to Horace AVE
"Jerry Maguire" studio TRISTAR
"Laughing" scavenger HYENA
"Psst" relative AHEM
"Same here!" IAMTOO
"Son of —!" AGUN
"Strut" singer Sheena EASTON
"To be," to Horace ESSE
"Venerable" Eng. monk STBEDE
"You can't get out this way" NOEXIT
"You said it!" AMEN
"— you clever!" ARENT
1965 Yardbirds hit IMAMAN
37-season "Jeopardy!" host TREBEK
52 weeks ONEYEAR
Abominable Snowman YETI
Academy URL ending EDU
Actress de Armas ANA
Actress Watson EMMA
Alter, as a computer program RECODE
Argentina's Eva PERON
Austria's capital VIENNA
Big name in train travel AMTRAK
Bit of untruth LIE
Blast stuff TNT
Brewpub drink, in brief IPA
British "Inc." LTD
Broody rock genre EMO
Bruins' Bobby ORR
Burning AFIRE
Catwoman portrayer Kitt EARTHA
Chinese soup additive MSG
Coleridge's "— Khan" KUBLA
Come upon MEET
Dadaism, to its critics ANTIART
Discount item labels REDTAGS
Duffer's goal PAR
Enlightens INFORMS
Establish contact (with) LIAISE
Frozen dew HOAR
Furious with ANGRYAT
Garden dirt SOIL
Gas option in Canada ESSO
Gel in a petri dish AGAR
Give a fleet commander new weapons? REARMADMIRAL
Glass edge RIM
GPS guess ETA
Grain to be crushed GRIST
Gridiron divs YDS
Grilling place PATIO
Guarantee ENSURE
Gulf ship OILER
Gymnast Comaneci NADIA
Hairy TV cousin ITT
Handheld computer PALMTOP
Hazards RISKS
Heart parts ATRIA
Heavy hitter MAUL
Herbivore's meal PLANT
Here, in Haiti ICI
High-speed train name ACELA
Hovering ominously LOOMING
Immigrants' class, in brief ESL
In base eight OCTAL
In days past AGO
In favor of FOR
In the know AWARE
Clues Answers
In the way of ALA
It.'s continent EUR
Jason's ship ARGO
Jr. officer ENS
Junk email touting wellness products? HEALTHSPAM
Kansas' capital TOPEKA
Lady's title MAAM
Language akin to Aleut INUIT
Last king of the united Sweden and Norway OSCARII
Locale of Baylor University WACOTEXAS
Luau garland LEI
Maiden name preceder NEE
Mali neighbor NIGER
Melancholy woodwinds OBOES
Mild cheese EDAM
Minimally ATLEAST
Mole's path TUNNEL
Most wan ASHIEST
Net access provider available on passenger flights? AIRPLANEMODEM
No, in Berlin NEIN
Nome's state ALASKA
Object THING
Panamanian dictator Manuel NORIEGA
Part of SandL LOAN
Part of UNLV LAS
Partner of Príncipe SAOTOME
Perfume bottle FLACON
Person living abroad, for short EXPAT
Petition PLEA
Piper's cap TAM
Place to grow cultures, for short BIOLAB
Purpose INTENT
Put the notation "this means the opposite" next to a word? MARKANTONYM
Ransack Oregon's capital? RUMMAGESALEM
Razor name ATRA
Refinery input ORE
Retired NBAer Ming YAO
Rick's love in "Casablanca" ILSA
Roald Dahl's "fantastic" title animal MRFOX
Sail supports MASTS
See 76-Across TART
Siren noise BLARE
Situation creating strife within a sports squad? TEAMSTRAINER
Soft caps BERETS
Sorority "O" OMEGA
Spanish gold ORO
Starting from ASOF
Stitched clothing line in the Haitian style? CARIBBEANSEAM
Suffix with Marx IST
The Crimson Tide, to fans BAMA
Time of note ERA
Touring actor representing his kingdom? REALMTROUPER
Typical situations NORMS
Utterly foolish ASININE
Vardalos of "Connie and Carla" NIA
Video chat between people stroking their dogs and cats? PETTINGZOOM
Vinegar, e.g ACID
Viral gene material RNA
West of "I'm No Angel" MAE
Wet spots in deserts OASES
Wise about ONTO
With 19-Down, toaster pastry brand POP
Women's garment with an adage printed on it? MAXIMSKIRT
Worked hard TOILED
Writer — de Bergerac CYRANO
Yellow-disked blooms DAISIES
Youngest of the Rugrats DIL
Yucatec speakers MAYAS
— and outs INS
— part (role-play) ACTA