Family Time - Oct 9 2023

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Clues Answers
"Aladdin" prince ALI
"Christ the Redeemer" locale RIO
"Do ___ others ..." UNTO
"Game ___" (video game end screen) OVER
"I just saw a mouse!" EEK
"New" prefix NEO
"Please, please, please!" BEG
"___ and the Tramp" LADY
"___ be super fun!" ITLL
9x9 numbers game SUDOKU
Absolute power TYRANNY
Accomplishes DOES
Actor's gig ROLE
Apple part SEED
Big name in pineapples DOLE
Bit of fire remains ASH
Blade moving water OAR
Blood flow blockers CLOT
Branch of the U.S. military (2 words) NATIONALGUARD
Brooklyn basketball team NETS
Cause of inflation? AIR
Comfy TV room in a home DEN
Condiment at a sushi bar WASABI
Count this with that ADD
Donkey Kong, for one APE
Every mystery has one PLOT
Ginger ___ ALE
It lays down the groove in an ensemble (2 words) RHYTHMSECTION
It squeezes its meals BOA
Liability? No, sharp U-turn ASSET
Like meat before it hits the grill RAW
Like some amusement parks or parties THEMED
Clues Answers
Like unwashed hair OILY
Major college football games BOWLS
Make a sincere effort TRY
Marco Polo crossed it ASIA
Megan Thee Stallion's genre RAP
Mineral found in spinach IRON
Neither's mate NOR
Office held by some respected church members ELDERSHIP
One way to move snow PLOW
Online livestreaming platform TWITCH
Online revenue sources, for some ADS
Pain pill ASPIRIN
Performs in "The Lion King" ACTS
Pizza ___ (restaurant chain) HUT
Plumlike fruit SLOE
Poems hyping someone ODES
Quahog, simply CLAM
Rational SANE
Response to a dentist, maybe AAH
Samsung or Gucci, for example (2 words) BRANDNAME
Shredded TORE
Stuff from a volcano LAVA
Sundial's three III
Tear in anger RIP
Tell an untruth LIE
They cluck HENS
Tint HUE
Type of hat CAP
Understand KNOW
Voice quality TONE
Winter highway hazard SKID
You should make this in the morning BED