Universal - Oct 7 2023

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Clues Answers
"Already dealing with this" ONIT
"Are we doing this?" YOUIN
"Como ___ usted?" ESTA
"Gangnam Style" rapper PSY
"Get Out" director Jordan PEELE
"I'm on the ___ of my seat!" EDGE
"May the Fourth be with you" celebration STARWARSDAY
"Move on already!" GETOVERIT
"OK, that wasn't the truth" ILIED
"That was not enough for me!" IWANTMORE
Adjacent side/hypotenuse, in trig COS
Alternative to Nikes AVIAS
Angry or achy SORE
Annual vax target FLU
Assists or rebounds STAT
Baking mixture that the CDC advises against eating RAWBATTER
Barrages of facts and figures INFODUMPS
Boxing ruling, for short TKO
Bride's accessory VEIL
Bull, in Spanish TORO
Bunsen burner output FLAME
Champagne brand MOET
Counterparts to benefits COSTS
Dish that might be served with a ladle STEW
Drill instructor's rank, often: Abbr SGT
Fermented red chile paste in Korean cuisine GOCHUJANG
Fuzzy boots UGGS
Give permission to LET
Glowed SHONE
Go haywire ACTUP
Goes up RISES
Guiding values ETHOS
Has supper DINES
Home for bees HIVE
Jiggly dessert JELLO
Jiggly dessert FLAN
Clues Answers
Knight's horse STEED
Leave flabbergasted STUN
Legal wrongdoing TORT
Legislation LAWS
Lock of hair TRESS
Make a tear in RIP
Many characters in "A Bug's Life" ANTS
Mazda CX-5, e.g SUV
Meetup that might lead to a relationship HINGEDATE
Not Rx OTC
Occasions to celebrate nearly year-round UNBIRTHDAYS
Out of shape UNFIT
Palindromic name whose second letter is "T" OTTO
Pass the smell ___ TEST
PC support whiz ITPRO
Portuguese-speaking African country ANGOLA
Program whose host makes waves? RADIOSHOW
Put in order SORT
Rolls-___ ROYCE
Run ___ (get out of control) AMOK
Sand formations DUNES
Sch. in Baton Rouge LSU
Sch. with campuses in Boston and Amherst UMASS
Sees red? OWES
Set of all parallel realities, in science fiction OMNIVERSE
Short name for a cocktail or magazine COSMO
Site for political signs LAWN
Spice blend named after a chip brand DORITOSDUST
Teensy ITSY
Toad cousin FROG
Ways up a metaphorical ladder CAREERPATHS
What we breathe AIR
Word after "phone" or "game" PLAN
___ Dame NOTRE
___ to (vouch for) ATTEST