The Guardian - Weekend crossword No 665 - Oct 7 2023

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Clues Answers
A bell-shaped cover for indoor plants CLOCHE
A citizen of what was formerly Siam? THAI
Confectionery made from egg white, nuts and honey NOUGAT
Country, part of the Netherlands, in the Caribbean ARUBA
Daphne __, character in Frasier MOON
King David's third - and they say favourite - son? ABSALOM
Nickname for the Brazilian president LULA
Poet who counted the ways she loved you? BROWNING
Poet who knew why the caged bird sings? ANGELOU
Poet who sang the body electric? WHITMAN
Poet who saw petals on a wet, black bough? POUND
Poet who spread his dreams under your feet? YEATS
Clues Answers
Poet who thought that for seduction candy was dandy but liquor quicker? NASH
Poet who wanted the clocks stopped? AUDEN
Poet who wished no sad songs be sung after she had died? ROSSETTI
Poet whose mind made a heaven of hell? MILTON
The immortal bird of Arizona? PHOENIX
The second book of the Old Testament EXODUS
The Slavic version of John IVAN
The Turkish capital ANKARA
The __, 1973 horror film about a girl possessed by a demon EXORCIST
US river and state OHIO
When William Faulkner saw light? INAUGUST
__ Currie, author and former health minister in the Thatcher government EDWINA