L.A. Times Daily - Oct 5 2023

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Clues Answers
"Curb Your Enthusiasm" network HBO
"Glad to take questions" ASKAWAY
"How We Do (Party)" singer RITAORA
"Later!" CIAO
"Mr. Roboto" band STYX
"Star Wars" film starring Alden Ehrenreich SOLO
"What are you doing!?" HEY
Accords, e.g CARS
Aired again RERAN
As well TOO
British automaker who partnered with Charles Rolls ROYCE
Charge FEE
Checking the age of, say IDING
Checkups EXAMS
Clean out PURGE
Cook quickly STIRFRY
Ctrl-__-Del ALT
Easy-to-wash carpet RAGRUG
Elements of fiber optic communications LASERS
Evergreen seedlings? FIRBABIES
Excited about INTO
Exhaust-ive check? SMOGTEST
Fancy-schmancy LUXE
Film spool REEL
Floors AWES
Frankenfood initials GMO
Fruit tree in the royal orchard? PEAROFQUEENS
Garment that may match slippers ROBE
Gumbo pod OKRA
Help when one shouldn't ABET
Immature beetles GRUBS
Indefinite ordinal UMPTEENTH
Irish __ SEA
Island floral arrangement LEI
Lamarr in the National Inventors Hall of Fame HEDY
Last stop, often DEPOT
Levels, briefly KOS
Like Death Valley ARID
Clues Answers
Lotion additive ALOE
Marketing target for K'nex Mighty Makers GIRL
Mass transit option RAIL
Meaningless, as a gesture EMPTY
Medal metal BRONZE
Mirrored APED
MLB stat that's good when it's low ERA
Nearly invisible pest GNAT
NFL city with the smallest population GREENBAY
Notion IDEA
Old fashioned rocks? ICE
Olympic venue ARENA
Part of a network MODEM
Pie __ mode ALA
Pro choices? YEAS
Proactiv target ACNE
Quartet member ALTO
Recently developed conifer cultivar? THENEWYEW
Research subjects with whiskers LABRATS
Rose Parade setting? PST
Scratch (out) EKE
Send in REMIT
Shade tree that's been pruned too severely? TOPLESSBEECH
Sharp quality BITE
Sleep cycle REM
Sleep in a tent CAMP
Smidgen TAD
Some embedded images GIFS
Stern greeting? AHOY
Target numbers QUOTAS
Tight squeeze BEARHUG
To counterpart FRO
Where a zipper may get caught? RADARTRAP
Whiskey choice RYE
White-bellied mammal ORCA
Writer Dillard ANNIE
__ garden ZEN
__-Mex TEX