L.A. Times Daily - Oct 4 2023

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Clues Answers
"Balderdash!" PSHAW
"Grand slam" awards acronym EGOT
"I can do that" LETME
"SportsCenter" network ESPN
"Star Wars" installment EPISODE
"What the __!?" HECK
"__ mañana" HASTA
*"There really is a wolf now!" IMEANITTHISTIME
*Cheap shot LOWBLOW
*Regional collective pronoun ALLYALL
Asian country divided in 1945 KOREA
Astrological cat LEO
Bangers partner MASH
Barinholtz of "The Mindy Project" IKE
Canceled out NEGATED
Casual rejection NAH
Chicken __ king ALA
Classic sammie BLT
College grad ALUMNA
Colorado ski town ASPEN
Compete in a dramatic event at the World Aquatics Championships HIGHDIVE
Cruelty-free lip balm brand EOS
Decade following Y2K AUGHTS
Dos y seis OCHO
Erie Canal city UTICA
FedEx rival UPS
Floral wreath LEI
Flying fig ALT
Foreign policy org. chaired by the president NSC
Formula One event RACE
Fourth mo APR
Gem from a mollusk PEARL
General on American Chinese menus TSO
Great Plains grazer ELK
Greek X CHI
Home of Canada's Parliament Hill OTTAWA
Home state of the Reds and the Browns OHIO
In a tidy way NEATLY
Clues Answers
Joyful dances JIGS
Kept cold ICED
Machine that helps with 51-Down CPAP
Makes glossy, as hair SLEEKS
Marshmallowy Easter treats PEEPS
Meaning of an unlit "vacancy" sign NOROOM
Mouse site PAD
Necessary __ EVIL
Need for playing Rock Band, for short MIC
Nick at __ NITE
Painful turning point? ANKLE
Paralyzing fear TERROR
Playing to break a tie, briefly INOT
Prep, as onions CHOP
Primary MAIN
Quaint lodging INN
Quaker pronoun THY
Regret RUE
School gps PTAS
Secret spots? ARMPITS
Singer Carey MARIAH
Sleeper's problem APNEA
Spanish parent MADRE
Support for a tire swing LIMB
Swabbing spot DECK
That guy's HIS
Towers that may have scratching posts CATTREES
Trapshooting SKEET
TV pioneer RCA
Use 55-Down, say SHIP
Vega's constellation LYRA
With 43-Across, "When one door closes, another door opens," and an apt description of the answers to the starred clues THEENDISJUST
[Snicker] HEHE
__ bean PINTO
__ Fighters: Dave Grohl's band FOO
__-la-la TRA