L.A. Times Daily - Sep 28 2023

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Clues Answers
"Check," in poker NOBET
"Dallas" surname EWING
"In __ of gifts ... " LIEU
"On the Waterfront" director ELIAKAZAN
"Who else would I be talking about?" YESYOU
"You can't make me!" IWONTDOIT
Accessory for early U.S. presidents POWDEREDWIG
Adult-to-be TEEN
Bass, for one ALE
Bistro CAFE
Blood type abbr NEG
Bread brushed with ghee NAAN
Bring around WAKE
Candidate list SLATE
Candy-coated caramels in a yellow package SUGARBABIES
Chardonnay adjective OAKY
Chase and Citi rival, popularly BOFA
Chicanery RUSE
Chooses OPTS
Circus prop STILT
Come forth EMERGE
Compare LIKEN
Composer Prokofiev SERGEI
Cuisine with green and red curry THAI
Curly cabbage KALE
Cut with a light LASE
Dorky sort DWEEB
Dry run TEST
Engaged, as gears MESHED
European auto OPEL
Family room DEN
Fast time LENT
Gary of "13 Reasons Why" SINISE
Green shade JADE
Hall and Oates, e.g POPDUO
Haywire AWRY
Home for una familia LACASA
Clues Answers
Household succulent ALOE
Ibsen's "Peer __" GYNT
Ko'olau Mountains locale OAHU
Lawn mower brand TORO
Lighthearted JOKEY
Like some overload SENSORY
Like the eyes of a person who hasn't gotten enough sleep GLAZEDOVER
Lunch spots DELIS
Malleable SOFT
Mauritania neighbor MALI
Midnight mouser OWL
Military flute FIFE
Missouri feeder OSAGE
Nasdaq rival NYSE
Native New Yorkers ERIES
New Balance competitor AVIA
On guard WARY
Opening lines? WANTAD
Poem of lament ELEGY
Pride Month initials LGBT
Propaganda technique that attempts to appeal to average Joes PLAINFOLKS
Pub offerings PINTS
Show off BRAG
Some "Downton Abbey" characters EARLS
Suit to __ ATEE
Swedish superstore with a yellow-and-blue logo IKEA
Torah storers ARKS
Trawling equipment NETS
Treat whose varieties appear at the starts of four long answers and are represented a dozen times in this puzzle DONUT
Tropical getaway ISLE
Troubled ATEAT
Vaping device ECIG
Vellani who plays Kamala Khan/Ms. Marvel IMAN
Volunteer's phrase IMIN
Wears down ABRADES
Western Asia native KURD
With speed APACE
__ Fridays TGI