Eugene Sheffer - King Feature Syndicate - Oct 17 2023

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Clues Answers
"Humbug!" BAH
"No clue!" DONTKNOW
"No seats" signs SROS
"O Sole —" MIO
"Sleepless in Seattle" actress Wilson RITA
"SNL" segment SKIT
"The Good Earth" heroine OLAN
Animated Betty BOOP
Astronaut Shepard ALAN
Bakery treat PASTRY
Buzzing carpenter's tool POWERSAW
Cabbage salad SLAW
Cardinal cap letters STL
Conclude END
Dealer's foe NARC
Debussy's "La —" MER
Docs' bloc AMA
Draft status ONEA
Duel tool EPEE
Dutch word for "farmer" BOER
Egg salad — roll (deli order) ONA
Gas container TANK
Goya's duchess ALBA
Grand tale EPIC
Hardwood tree BEECH
Heroic tales SAGAS
Historic flag maker ROSS
Hollywood's Thurman UMA
Homer's lament DOH
Clues Answers
Iraqi port city BASRA
Leg joint KNEE
Long of "Soul Food" NIA
Madrid matron SENORA
Notable time ERA
Old stringed instrument VIOL
Pub orders ALES
Reluctant AVERSE
Rights org. since 1920 ACLU
Rock's Ocasek RIC
Salary PAY
Salsa ingredient TOMATO
Sample TRY
Skewer SPIT
Sleepy Hollow rider HORSEMAN
Slightly wet DAMP
Slimming surgery, briefly LIPO
Splits RIPS
Stallion's mate MARE
TV trophy EMMY
Unique ONLY
Use a sponge WIPE
Vacillate SWAY
Vichy water EAU
Wall St. debut IPO
Western lilies SEGOS
Woodcutter's aid SAWHORSE
Work force MANPOWER
Year in Mexico ANO
— Domini ANNO
— Juan SAN