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Clues Answers
"... or — thought!" SOI
"C'mon, help me out here" BEAPAL
"Combat!" actor Morrow VIC
"Everything's good here" IMFINE
"Got it now" ISEE
"Huh-uh!" NOPE
"I'll pay for this one" ITSMYTREAT
"Let it stand" STET
"Marty" star Borgnine ERNEST
"My People" writer Abba EBAN
"Neato!" COOL
"Papi Chulo" co-star Matt BOMER
"The jig —!" ISUP
"Toodle-oo!" TATA
"— queen!" ("You go!") YAS
"— what your country can do for you ..." ASKNOT
1/60 min SEC
60% of cinco TRES
A, in French UNE
About ASTO
Actress Duff HILARY
Actress Lively BLAKE
Analgesic targets PAINS
Appeal PLEA
Author Anaïs NIN
Ballet promoter, e.g IMPRESARIO
Ballpoint, e.g PEN
Bauxite, e.g ORE
Beats it SCRAMS
Began vigorously WENTAT
Big ice sheet FLOE
Bring forth EDUCE
Brother of DDE's follower RFK
Bubbling over ABOIL
Captured with a rope LASSOED
Classic board game played at a shindig? LIFEOFTHEPARTY
Classic board game played by judges between trials? OPERATIONOFLAW
Classic board game that's popular with inhabitants of heaven? TROUBLEINPARADISE
Classic board game you keep making people play even though they have no interest? SORRYTOBEANUISANCE
Cleaned with a broom SWEPTOUT
Close using stitches SEWUP
Commercial lead-in to -gram or -matic INSTA
Containing smelting waste DROSSY
Cruella De — ("101 Dalmatians" meanie) VIL
Divider of musical measures BARLINE
Don of radio IMUS
Dutch genre painter Jan STEEN
Ending for priest ESS
Ending for Siam ESE
Ethel Merman's "— Was a Lady" EADIE
Exuberant war cry REBELYELL
Feel sore ACHE
Filly's father SIRE
First-string players ATEAM
Gets frantic with fear PANICS
Grandiosity POMP
Has food EATS
Havana resident, to Havanans CUBANO
Hi- — graphics RES
Hitter Mel OTT
Infatuate ENAMOR
Injure HARM
Janitors' tools MOPS
Journalist Burnett ERIN
Knight's weapon LANCE
Lack of vigor ANEMIA
Landscaping plant SHRUB
Like brine SALTY
Clues Answers
Like purchases gotten via the program INAPP
Like some noisy little dogs YAPPY
Longtime executive of the Oakland Raiders ALDAVIS
Make juice of REAM
Make whole again CURE
Maker of GOLEAN cereals KASHI
Maple or oak TREE
Mexican 81-Down PESO
Morally rigid AUSTERE
More aged OLDER
Nail file stuff EMERY
Neighbor of Mich. and Ill IND
Nevada city RENO
Normandy city CAEN
Of atomic weapons NUCLEAR
Oil rig part PUMP
One causing fright SCARER
Ovid's "— Amatoria" ARS
Pack tightly CRAM
Person knocking over a drink, e.g SPILLER
Possibilities IFS
Prefix with -hedron that means "twenty" ICOSA
Preludes INTROS
Prickly plant TEASEL
Publish anew REISSUE
Put in a box ENCASE
Put up tents ENCAMP
Rave about PRAISE
Regard highly ADMIRE
Related AKIN
Review of a classic board game? RISKASSESSMENT
Russian war vessel on which a classic board game is played? BATTLESHIPPOTEMKIN
San Francisco's region BAYAREA
School, in Soissons ECOLE
Served in blazing liquor FLAMBE
Sharp as — ATACK
Shop dedicated to selling a classic board game? MONOPOLYMARKET
Singapore sling liquor GIN
Snooty sort ELITIST
Space station until 2001 MIR
Springfield's Flanders NED
Staff anew REMAN
Sudden flood SPATE
Tangle up ENMESH
Teetotalers DRYS
Tennis court divider NET
Tennis match unit SET
They may be chapped LIPS
Throat bug STREP
Toby brews ALES
Tooth type CUSPID
Trifecta, e.g BET
Trifled (with) TOYED
Tulip relatives LILIES
Turn the car toward STEERINTO
TV title ET ALF
U.S. region with aging factories RUSTBELT
Utters words SPEAKS
Voting group BLOC
When a check to a landlord is due Rentday
Will subject ESTATE
Wolfgang Puck's restaurant SPAGO
— -Terre (capital of Guadeloupe) BASSE
— bean FAVA
— nous (between us) ENTRE
— Reader (eclectic quarterly) UTNE
—OPs (CIA tactics) PSY