L.A. Times Daily - Sep 27 2023

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Clues Answers
"A Midsummer Night's Dream" king OBERON
"Agnus __" DEI
"Agreed!" DEAL
"Help!" letters SOS
"Nope" writer/director Jordan PEELE
"Touch of Evil" director Welles ORSON
"Wow at first sip" brand BAI
"You __ to be there" HAD
"__ go bragh!" ERIN
*Folded missile in a classroom PAPERAIRPLANE
*Period of anxiety that may be brought on by facing one's mortality MIDLIFECRISIS
*Ray Winstone/Ben Kingsley crime drama SEXYBEAST
*Spot to store valuables when traveling HOTELSAFE
Actor Vigoda ABE
Ages upon ages EONS
Allied (with) SIDED
Anger IRE
Apartment, say UNIT
Assessed, with "up" SIZED
Bacon pieces STRIPS
Bundle of harvested grain SHEAF
Casino machines SLOTS
Copa Mundial cheer OLE
Dishevels, as hair MUSSES
Disney snowman OLAF
Do up, as hair STYLE
Eagle's perch AERIE
Examine critically EYE
Faithfulness LOYALTY
Fashionable, or an apt description of the ends of the answers to the starred clues ALAMODE
Features of a bowling alley LANES
Feudal laborer SERF
Fire-breathing Greek monster CHIMERA
First few pages of many books INTRO
Flowerbox place SILL
Friend PAL
Gallant one HERO
Goal END
Clues Answers
Guitar tuners PEGS
Hangouts for some schools? REEFS
Hubbub STIR
Initials on a brandy bottle VSOP
Japanese noodle UDON
Lean (toward) TEND
Luggage label IDTAG
Mathematical void symbolized by { } NULLSET
Nabisco cookie OREO
Neither's partner NOR
Not gross NET
Occasion to use the good china DINNERPARTY
Org. with many auditors IRS
Organic fuel PEAT
Parking spots SPACES
Pertaining to birth NATAL
Poke fun at TEASE
Prosecutor's deputy, for short ASSISTANTDA
Put away STOW
Really relish SAVOR
Senator for whom Honolulu's airport is named INOUYE
Short jump HOP
Sign of a shark FIN
Slobbery kiss WETONE
Some DVD players SONYS
Some remote batteries AAAS
Spoil ROT
Stubble remover RAZOR
Supervillain Luthor who co-founded the Injustice League LEX
Treatment that may involve a peel FACIAL
Use a 26-Down SHAVE
Vampire vaporizer SUN
Vice president Kamala HARRIS
Waffle WAVER
Watched SAW
What "will be" will be ARE
Without SANS
Wonder Woman's rope LASSO