The Times - Cryptic - Times Quick Cryptic No 2491

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Clues Answers
A jewel returned: great! MEGA
A search in East London for relative AUNT
Affix a warning for apron PINAFORE
Aged men stumbling into final stage ENDGAME
An old poet played slowly ANDANTE
Beg to live and visit church BESEECH
Belfry’s bats surrounding one for a moment BRIEFLY
Bird’s down SWALLOW
Birdsong belted out regularly after conflict WARBLE
Born in endless poverty NEE
City where one may clean up BATH
Donkey’s extremely enjoyable time long past EEYORE
For correction, guy notes the last to arrive YOUNGEST
Clues Answers
His meal is on us? CANNIBAL
I must visit more flexible furnisher SUPPLIER
It’s inches out, an irritation ITCHINESS
Kitchen appliance, one offering health TOASTER
Mike and Eleanor at first quietly become engaged MESH
One after large tiger, say, produces safety device LIFELINE
Perhaps a single series RUN
Popular individual not using an agent in person
Returning, is called to be taken by tube SIPHONED
Slump as long story is never-ending SAG
Solution is somewhat unexpectedly easy LYE
Strangle vicious Trot in wild rage GARROTTE
Watch first of batters’ startling performance eye-opener