Family Time - Sep 25 2023

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Clues Answers
"Hold your horses!" WHOA
"How ___ you doing?" ARE
"Now ___ that just wonderful?" ISNT
"Who ___ is coming to the party?" ELSE
"___ we forget" LEST
A member of the Smurfs PAPA
Admit ___ (ticket words) ONE
Agile, as a ship YARE
Bald eagle's sea cousin TERN
Bat mitzvah or annaprashana RITE
Bay at the moon HOWL
Be concerned CARE
Beach surface SAND
Church area ALTAR
City in Arizona MESA
Common word connector AND
Cookbook amt TBSP
Crafts partner ARTS
Duplicated CLONED
Elongated OBLONG
Embarrassing soccer scores (2 words) OWNGOALS
Foundation BASIS
From the beginning again ANEW
Furry household member PET
Gardener's water source HOSE
Grassy field LEA
High-IQ group MENSA
Ice Spice's genre RAP
Japanese wrestling SUMO
Last word in some prayers AMEN
Likelihood ratio ODDS
Lima is located there PERU
Clues Answers
Longbow wood YEW
Make use of a keyboard TYPE
Material used to make cans (2 words) TINPLATE
Milky-white gem OPAL
Natural cut covering SCAB
Not go anywhere STAY
Not imagined REAL
Nuclear measure MEGATON
On the roof of ATOP
Parking place LOT
Place in a place PUT
Recede back to the sea EBB
Require NEED
Rocky mine material ORE
Shrek, e.g OGRE
Shuttlecock stopper NET
Single entity UNIT
Some stylish Brits in the '60s MODS
Something to listen with EAR
Spot on a die PIP
Start a new paragraph INDENT
Sudden desire WHIM
Taylor Swift's The ___ Tour ERAS
Tennis match category DOUBLES
Thin strip of wood SPLINE
Thing acquired from the sun, sometimes TAN
Used a tricycle RODE
Very angry IRATE
Weight-measuring machine SCALE
Whichever ANY
Wide gulf ABYSM
Wrist-to-elbow bone ULNA
___fire (Teen Titans member) STAR