L.A. Times Daily - Sep 25 2023

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Clues Answers
"Am not!" retort ARESO
"I got this!" ONIT
"No, really!" IMSERIOUS
"The Phantom Menace" boy ANI
"Wheel of Fortune" option SPIN
"__'ve thunk it?" WHOD
Asian capital whose opera house is modeled on Paris's Palais Garnier HANOI
Bathroom, to a Brit LOO
Brief "Yikes, didn't need that in my brain" TMI
Bruno Mars's birthplace OAHU
Call for help repeated in the Police's "Message in a Bottle" SOS
Cantina fare TACOS
Chores TASKS
Cinnamon-scented seasonal decor PINECONES
Corner chess piece ROOK
Cosmic path ORBIT
Cozy spot NOOK
Cozy spot DEN
Cupful with steamed milk LATTE
Device not allowed during a family meal, maybe PHONE
Dining set array CHAIRS
Drive-__ ATM THRU
Egyptian cobra ASP
Field of study AREA
Field of study, perhaps SITE
Floral garlands LEIS
Fork locale ROAD
Froyo topping option OREO
Greek column style DORIC
Greek currency EURO
Guitar player's aid TABS
Heat in a microwave NUKE
Heckling chorus BOOS
Informal surveys STRAWPOLLS
Italian dish, familiarly PARM
Clues Answers
Level TIER
Lopsided ATILT
Low card DEUCE
Many "Saved by the Bell" characters TEENS
Memphis street of blues fame BEALE
Mermaid Barbie, for one DOLL
MGM co-founder LOEW
Music genre for Jill Scott SOUL
One of 32 in the NHL TEAM
Pantry pests ANTS
Prepare to advance after a fly ball TAGUP
Present-wrapping nights, for procrastinators EVES
Queries ASKS
Radio host John TESH
Residue from an orange snack CHEETODUST
Resource in Catan ORE
Saucy PERT
See 62-Across BARS
Significant __ OTHER
Slime GOOP
Solidify GEL
Some Camaros IROCS
Squirrel away HOARD
Subatomic particle PION
Sushi seaweed NORI
Take care of TENDTO
Welliver of "Bosch" and "Bosch: Legacy" TITUS
Wife of Zeus HERA
With 63-Across, 1970s nightclubs, or, in another sense, what 20-, 36-, and 47-Across are? DISCO
Woolly moms EWES
Work with a needle and thread SEW
World Cup cheers OLES
__ mater ALMA