L.A. Times Daily - Sep 24 2023

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Clues Answers
"Don't change a thing!" IADOREIT
"Hold __ your hat!" ONTO
"Ivy and __": kid-lit series by Annie Barrows BEAN
"Same for me!" DITTO
"The Voice" coach Gwen STEFANI
"Works for me!" OKAY
"Yours" alternative ASEVER
"__ Files": long-running true-crime series FORENSIC
19-Down and others, briefly VWS
61-Down follower TRES
80-Across preceder DOS
Actress Vardalos NIA
Ad follower LIB
Amateur NONPRO
Apt rhyme for "cram" EXAM
Arial, for one FONT
Base for some sashimi ICE
Beach community near Tourmaline Surfing Park LAJOLLA
Bear claw or beaver tail PASTRY
Beats by __ DRE
Belfast's province ULSTER
Belgian surrealist Magritte RENE
Big exporter of saffron IRAN
Big name in health insurance associations BLUEXBLUESHIELD
Bohr model subjects ATOMS
Book replaced by GPS ATLAS
Borscht base BEET
Breakout area, to dermatologists TZONE
Builders of dome-shaped nests WRENS
Cable cable, familiarly COAX
Cable series about an erotic magazine for women MINX
Cheerio-shaped TORIC
Chef Boyardee concoction BEEFARONI
Chichén __: pyramid site ITZA
Craving URGE
Culture centers? LABS
Cured salmon LOX
Deal with an email error message, maybe RESEND
Despondent MOROSE
Diehards ZEALOTS
Eggy quaff NOG
Electronic control mechanisms, briefly SERVOS
Enjoy Stowe SKI
Entwined WOVE
European capital known as the "City of a Hundred Spires" PRAGUE
Extras in trunks SPARETIRES
Farm noun or verb SOW
Female horse MARE
Firewood protector TARP
Foam art medium LATTE
Former first lady, familiarly JACKIEO
French film CINE
French wines VINS
Garlands of okika or pikake LEIS
Grammy-winning album for Tyler, the Creator IGOR
Grannies NANAS
Heading for the whirlpool, say ACHY
Help for those at sea HINTS
Hopeful expression after two failures THIRDXACHARM
Hoppy quaff ALE
Hugo Award genre SCIFI
Hunk of granite SLAB
Irving Stone novel about Michelangelo THEAGONYANDTHEX
Jedi who said, "Always in motion is the future" YODA
Knotted accessory TIE
Lacking SANS
Laugh half HEE
Clues Answers
Lemon drinks ADES
Like many Etsy shops ARTSY
Like Nero Wolfe OBESE
Like pedi-showing shoes OPENTOE
Like the Atacama Desert ARID
Line that intersects a circle in two places SECANT
Long time EON
Make happy ELATE
Many "Westworld" characters ROBOTS
Many a Saudi native ARAB
Many miles off AFAR
Map line ROAD
Measles symptom REDDOT
Med. condition portrayed on "Monk" OCD
Melodic passages ARIOSOS
Mirror fogger STEAM
Mmes., in Mérida SRAS
Mork's planet ORK
Mozart's "Così fan __" TUTTE
Negroni need GIN
Newer, as an automobile LATEMODEL
Nintendo princess ZELDA
Off-the-neck hairstyle UPDO
Old Pontiac muscle car GTO
On the money EXACT
Onigiri wrapper NORI
Passat alternative JETTA
Penne __ vodka ALLA
Peony pest APHID
Pop star IDOL
Prepare for an 83-Down, say STUDY
Preschool activity with crayons COLORXNUMBER
Prologue INTRO
Put forth, as energy EXERT
Repaired, as car brakes RELINED
Roll up FURL
Roulette wheel components SLOTS
Same old same old ROUTINE
Scarf down EAT
Seething ATABOIL
Series of successes WINSTREAKS
Sheet type FITTED
Short excursion JAUNT
Silver salmon COHO
Slanted columns OPEDS
Software test versions BETAS
Sought buried treasure, perhaps DUG
Southwestern people APACHES
Spanish "she" ELLA
Squanders WASTES
Stage honor OBIE
Star-shaped bloomers ASTERS
Structural girder IBEAM
Tabloid twosome ITEM
Tart-tasting fruit SLOE
Three-dimensional CUBIC
Tony Award-winning musical based on a Manuel Puig novel XOFTHESPIDERWOMAN
Turn down PASSON
When Alexander meets Eliza, in "Hamilton" ACTI
Where Ducks and Penguins play? RINKS
Yoked bovines OXEN
__ pad STENO
__ port in a storm ANY
__ snuff UPTO