Family Time - Sep 24 2023

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Clues Answers
"Meet Me ____ Louis" (2 words) INST
"Tis" mixed up ITS
Afternoon serving in England (3 words) CUPOFTEA
Arabian gulf port ADEN
Balanced zodiac sign? LIBRA
Barely detectable amount IOTA
Big picture? EPIC
Boat mover OAR
Capital of Libya? ELL
Change your hair color DYE
City in Nevada RENO
Corporate VIP CEO
Curved trajectories ARCS
Draws on pacifiers and straws SUCKS
European mountains ALPS
Exciting seat part? EDGE
Fannie ___ MAE
Fire announcer (2 words) SMOKEDETECTOR
Fishing spot CREEK
Guinness is one ALE
Gumbo veggie OKRA
Gun, as a motor REV
Had liverwurst smothered in ketchup ATE
Ill-mannered one LOUT
Ireland, another way EIRE
Is a contender VIES
Jog like a pony TROT
Late bloomer? ASTER
Mothers dressed in wool EWES
Move from place to place, as cattle ROAM
Much-read article? THE
Clues Answers
Next-to-last fairy-tale word EVER
Not many FEW
Number of Muses in Greek mythology NINE
Old Testament twin ESAU
Opposite of "dele" STET
Part of a business suit TIE
Passing grades CEES
Piano parts KEYS
Place for a birdhouse TREE
Places with four-way stop signs INTERSECTIONS
Probabilities ODDS
Prolific Roman poet OVID
Put into action USE
Read a bar code SCAN
Replenishes grocery store shelves RESTOCKS
Safest part of a hurricane EYE
Sandwich for Superman? HERO
Set away for another day (2 words) PUTASIDE
Small green veggie PEA
Smurf with a white beard PAPA
Something pursued in vein? ORE
Sometime today, e.g SOON
Split TORE
Strongly regretted DEPLORED
Tent securer STAKE
Thing bigger than a quiz TEST
University near Harvard MIT
Vigor, in music BRIO
What a hammer hammers NAIL
What bodies in motion possess (2 words) KINETICENERGY
What you sail your yacht on SEA