New York Times - Sep 21 2023

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Clues Answers
'It's a ___' SIGN
'The $10,000 Pyramid' host DICKCL
'This again?!' UGH
'___, verily' YEA
Animals on Nebraska's state quarter OXEN
Be overly sweet CLOY
Capital of Washington? ONES
Center cut? MOH
Childish Gambino's record label RCA
Classic N.Y.C. cinema name ROXY
Competitive poker? EPEE
Conceal, with 'away' TUCK
Cool cat's 'Copy that' IDIG
Corner piece ROOK
D-F-A is one, in music MINORCHORD
Desert near Sinai NEGEV
Desire for a lonely hart? DOE
Día de los Reyes month ENERO
Director who said 'Horror films don't create fear. They release it' WESCR
Drink that should not be served shaken SODA
Edmonton N.H.L. player OILER
Ending with euro ZONE
Entertainment one might view from a box OPERA
Food that can be eaten to help with anemia LIVER
Freshen RENEW
Gave advice COUNSELED
Guiding statements CREDOS
Half of a rhyming game name ALAI
He actually died about 1,500 years before the fiddle was invented NERO
How some money is held INESC
Indecent LEWD
Infamous presidential denial IAMNOTACR
Isn't out of HAS
Its lowest score is 120, in brief LSAT
Jet black, as hair RAVEN
Lawyer in 'To Kill a Mockingbird' FINCH
Length just over one centimeter HALF
Like some numbers and scores EVEN
Major Japanese company HQ'd in a 43-story tower shaped like a rocket NEC
Clues Answers
Male members of the House of Saud EMIRS
Many a surgeon, informally ORDOC
Melber of MSNBC ARI
Mine, in Marseille AMOI
Name of seven Danish kings ERIC
Natural find with a cavity GEODE
On a ___ LARK
Org. concerned with cyberwarfare NSA
Our bodies need 20+ different kinds to function AMINOACIDS
Passageways DUCTS
Peddle HAWK
Person who might call a child a bairn SCOT
Place for a brace KNEE
Quizzes ASKS
Rubber overshoe GALOSH
Seasonal phenomenon depicted six times in this puzzle WINTERMIGRATION
Show indecision, in a way HAW
Shows indecision, in a way HEMS
Some people on deck SEAMEN
Some seating sections LOGES
Sprinted TORE
State flower of Utah SEGO
Structure built in a catenary arch shape IGLOO
Tea brand TAZO
The Legend of Zelda console, in brief NES
They may precede cries of 'GOOOOOAAAAL!' OLES
Third-most common Chinese surname in America WONG
Ticks off ANGERS
Tonsil treater, in brief ENT
Toot one's own horn CROW
Up to this point YET
What you do just for grins? SMILE
When many businesses open ATNINE
Whole alternative SKIM
Wide ray MANTA
Withered, climate-wise SERE
___ de mer MAL
___ Verde, national park in Colorado MESA