The A.V Club - Feb 23 2011

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Clues Answers
'Brokeback Mountain' director Lee ANG
'Grey's Anatomy' nickname MCDREAMY
'Hip Hop is Dead' hip-hopper NAS
'Norma Rae' director Martin RITT
'Red Letter Year' singer DiFranco ANI
'Venerable' saint BEDE
'___ Dalloway' MRS
*Commodities market concern, casually? AGPRICES
*Put a variety of labels on? MULTITAG
*Put on a whiplash collar? RIGONESNECK
*Result of having no room under the beach umbrella for your knapsack? BAGINTHESUN
*TSA treatment that goes way beyond inappropriate touching? AIRPORTFRIG
Adjective with license or justice POETIC
Alanis Morissette's role, in 'Dogma' GOD
Anti-chapping applications LIPCREAMS
Appliance connectors CORDS
Big name in kitchen appliances AMANA
Cell component IRONBAR
Chilling ONICE
Deck wood TEAK
Designer Cassini et al. OLEGS
Egyptian cross ANKH
Funny couple? ENS
Gardner of 'On the Beach' AVA
Gearhead's objects ENGINES
Island genre SKA
Item on a Gotham utility belt BATROPE
Jelly (hopefully) never found in a PB&J ASPIC
John Hancock SIG
Juan Williams's former employer NPR
Large amounts of resistance? MEGOHMS
Leakes of 'The Real Housewives of Atlanta' NENE
Like many 'Glee' numbers: Var. ACAPELLA
Loomed large TOWERED
Clues Answers
Love, in Livorno AMORE
Major drug dealer MERCK
Make a sweater, say KNIT
Montana senator with a good name for a plumber JONTESTER
Mubarak's predecessor SADAT
Much more than dire FATAL
NFL Hall of Famer Michael nicknamed 'The Playmaker' IRVIN
Nigiri and such SUSHI
Novelist Graham GREENE
Oral polio vaccine pioneer Albert SABIN
Partner of vigor VIM
Penny Marshall's 'Odd Couple' role MYRNA
Recently: Abbr. YEST
Ref. works DICTS
Ren ___ (old-timey event) FAIRE
Scholarship basis MERIT
Scrounge (for food) FORAGE
See 14-Across ACID
See 33-Down INTHECAR
Sextet of cancellations that produced the starred entries...or an oversexed MTV production now facing cancellation SKINS
Sink or swim, e.g. NOUN
Skier Phil with 27 World Cup race wins MAHRE
Stuff below a sneezeguard SALAD
Sugary suffix OSE
Supplement for Mark McGwire, for short ANDRO
Tequila source AGAVE
The one for the Taj Mahal has 5922 pieces LEGOSET
Tinny ___ (kid robot on 'Futurama') TIM
Toe ___ JAM
Tool needed to fix Justin Bieber AUTOTUNE
Trait-ors? GENES
Tree surgeon, often PRUNER
U-Haul alternative RYDER
W or O, e.g. PRES
With 18-Down, body builder? AMINO
With 20-Across, soccer dad's outburst GET