L.A. Times Daily - Sep 20 2023

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Clues Answers
"Absolutely not" HARDPASS
"Don't think so" YEAHNO
"Get Who Gets You" dating site EHARMONY
"Here's the one-sentence version" letters TLDR
"One more song!" ENCORE
"Perfect is the __ of the good" ENEMY
"Rumor __ it ... " HAS
"What __ is new?" ELSE
2002 Winter Games host, initially SLC
Actress Falco EDIE
Afghanistan's capital KABUL
Alpaca product WOOL
Bat mitzvah, e.g RITE
Canal with a museum in Syracuse ERIE
Caterer's coffee container URN
Connect (with) LIAISE
Corn unit EAR
Czech Republic region BOHEMIA
Dangerous pool in a video game LAVAPIT
Deutschland city on the Rhein KOLN
Discarded Apples, e.g EWASTE
Do House work? GOVERN
Donkeys ASSES
Dude BRO
Eager KEEN
Faculty positions DEANS
First track on Fleetwood Mac's "Mystery to Me" album EMERALDEYES
Gymnast Korbut OLGA
Hardly fresh SMELLY
Have buyer's remorse, say RUE
High-level HS courses APS
Honeydew, e.g MELON
House of __ LORDS
Injury sustained while making guacamole AVOCADOHAND
Instrument with pipes ORGAN
Clues Answers
John Fetterman's title, briefly SEN
Knitting pattern ARGYLE
Knock on the head BOP
Knocks on the head BONKS
Makes urgent decisions? TRIAGES
Marvel Comics supervillain, or a creature made up of 16-, 29-, 34-, and 40-Across? GREENGOBLIN
MMA decision TKO
More icky GROSSER
Mouth, Chunk, or Data, in a 1985 film GOONIE
NFL arbiter REF
Nintendo antagonist with a "W" on his cap WARIO
One in a concert lineup AMP
Person aggressively opposed to progress MOSSBACK
Pico de gallo pepper SERRANO
Poaching targets EGGS
Pretzel shapes KNOTS
Radio switch letters AMFM
Research site LAB
Significant period ERA
Social science subj PSY
Some Best Buy buys, briefly LEDTVS
Steamed bun in Asian cuisine BAO
Sunblock letters SPF
Theater walkway AISLE
Throb ACHE
Turned red? DYED
Urban haze SMOG
Vacillates SEESAWS
Vegetable plot BED
Violets or lilacs FLOWERS
Wood-burning stove buildup ASH
Word on the California state seal EUREKA
Worked for EARNED
Worn out RAGGED
__ constrictor BOA
__ Tomé and Príncipe SAO