The Times - Cryptic - Times Cryptic No 28713

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Clues Answers
Arsenic, for example, subject to analysis? ASSAY
Briefly drawing back, ultimately feel very mean NIGGARDLY
Brought up part of joint composition NONET
Cross-country runner, one that disturbs a bird of prey HARRIER
Deterioration concerning Scandinavian nomads, reportedly RELAPSE
Expatiate tediously about old barbed missile HARPOON
Extremely pretty teacher, astonishingly original ARCHETYPE
Fellow at sea evidently holding city priest’s office chaplainship
Female philanthropist’s gripe about new player BENEFACTRESS
First of children at school taking English class CASTE
Give account of island in old map EXPLAIN
Gullibility of first-class surgeon in New York NAIVETY
Hindu sage’s son with friend in Rouen SWAMI
Inflammation principally suffered on a French stream SUNBURN
Clues Answers
Medication taken by one on bike seat PILLION
Memorable saying for part of speech PROVERB
Not gregarious like spies in centre of Honolulu ASOCIAL
Note diving bird nibbling Mike’s sage SOLOMON
One who’ll agitate, and sack musicians without resistance FIREBRAND
Snag over scraps in animal shelters? BURROWS
Southern girl receiving useful marks primarily for precis SUMMARY
State supplying some practical geriatricians ALGERIA
Susceptible sort in Nantes for a change nonresistant
Tense about performing in the near future TONIGHT
Travel runs badly: at the bottom of that is a primate GORILLA
Turn one out, identifying particle NEUTRON
Wager involving everyone Asian having a passion for dance BALLETOMANIA
Weep over quiet chap initially misusing code name CRYPTONYM