Family Time - Sep 18 2023

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Clues Answers
"Honey Bunny" or "Sweetie" (2 words) PETNAME
"Yo-ho-ho, and a bottle of ___" RUM
An ensemble of actors CAST
Approximately, in time CIRCA
Australian bird that cannot fly EMU
Beginnings in basketball TIPOFFS
Bigwig NABOB
Bubble bath ingredient ALOE
Campbell's container (2 words) SOUPCAN
Can you dig it? Yes HOLE
Capable, with a can-do attitude ABLE
Chill on a curb REST
City st AVE
Dance designer CHOREOGRAPHER
Dance performed at a luau HULA
Delivered letters MAIL
Drawings telling funny stories in Suns and Globes (2 words) STRIPCARTOONS
Fake butter OLEO
Feathered friend's residence NEST
Fillers for pint-sized glasses ALES
Furious and fuming IRATE
Garden vegetable PEA
Gun the engine REV
Hidden home for a beast LAIR
Horse with a mix of coat colors ROAN
Large antelope of Africa GNU
Letter that "supports" golf? TEE
Light touch of gel DAB
Loyal friend with two more legs than you DOG
Moisture on a morning field DEW
Necklace piece BEAD
Clues Answers
Night creature that loves mosquitoes BAT
Nights full of anticipation EVES
Not imaginary REAL
Outstanding huggers ARMS
Oval-shaped path of a planet ELLIPSE
People-mover CAR
Poem variety that gives praise ODE
Point the arrow at the bull's-eye AIM
Possible geometry calculation AREA
Ready to hang glide over a mountain ADVENTURESOME
Ready, ___, go! SET
Rhythmically strike or outperform BEAT
Say "I'm the best that's ever been!" BOAST
Sensation before a migraine AURA
Sheltered bay COVE
Small Greek restaurant TAVERNA
Sound made by a piglet GRUNT
Strong anger IRE
Thin piece of backing wood SLAT
Tiny, in nursery rhymes WEE
Toddler constantly getting into trouble IMP
Try to get more stock REORDER
Type of winter shot FLU
Unrestrained joy in a singing club? GLEE
Usual or typical standard NORM
Vocal and verbal ORAL
Waterlogged lowland FEN
What the pharmacist puts together, for short MEDS
Wild elephant ROGUE
Wonderful story TALE
___ Speedwagon REO