The Times - Concise - Times Concise No 9325

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Clues Answers
--- patch, period of success PURPLE
Climbing plant IVY
Concentration FOCUS
Container for jam, eg JAR
Courtroom panel member JUROR
Cricket bat wood WILLOW
Cry of disapproval CATCALL
Dandy FOP
Dark hardwood EBONY
Delivering a cricket ball BOWLING
Incorrect WRONG
Inscribe ENGRAVE
Joyously observe (a special occasion) CELEBRATE
Clues Answers
Lacking comfort, austere SPARTAN
Lightly burn SINGE
Made definite CONFIRMED
Motoring guide road map
Powerful ruler EMPEROR
Pull sharply TUG
Quavering singer WARBLER
Raspberry brandy FRAMBOISE
Schoolwork results MARKS
Size, extent MAGNITUDE
Spinach and cabbage, eg GREENS
Wild having been tame FERAL
Without difficulty EASILY