Family Time - Sep 17 2023

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Clues Answers
"I'm quoting this exactly" SIC
"Listen up! ___ got something to say" IVE
"___ minute there, I thought you were kidding" (2 words) FORA
50 year-old men, minus 41 years BOYS
A lady on the farm MARE
British restroom LAVATORY
Card game transaction DEAL
Cash spitter-outer ATM
Close in proximity NEAR
Country that's very friendly to our country ALLY
Cowboy's motivational 22-Across SPUR
Creature frequently in a trap RAT
Creatures in the woods DEER
Cruise stop ISLE
DNA segment GENE
Dude No. 1 in the Bible ADAM
Editor's "Let it stay in" STET
Exploding star NOVA
Finished and done with OVER
Flock's "So be it" AMEN
Important historic period ERA
Indian princess MAHARANI
It smells ODOR
It's in the breeze AIR
Like most sneakers LACED
Line from the sun? RAY
Living thing ORGANISM
Major carnival city RIO
Make a blunder ERR
Massive body of water SEA
Mention a source in an essay CITE
Clues Answers
Musical intervals that span six half-steps TRITONES
Neighbor of Iraq IRAN
Part of, as a practical joke (2 words) INON
Perform in a one-man band SOLO
Person born in Muscat OMANI
Person standing at the end of an action film HERO
Place for meaty sandwiches DELI
Place to flex GYM
Polite interruption AHEM
Radiate or send forth EMIT
Rank under a marquis EARL
Santa's little helper ELF
Send, as a payment REMIT
Seriously skillful crafts ARTS
Skip something on purpose OMIT
Slim-down plan DIET
Some huge musical instruments (2 words) CONCERTGRANDS
Sound waves sender that you can tune RADIO
Southern African language SOTHO
Square you step on TILE
Super-good buddy PAL
Thing in a knot TIE
Thing on a firetruck HOSE
To and ___ FRO
TV's "no need to get up" accessory (2 words) REMOTECONTROL
Was an active choir member SANG
Web address letters URL
With love as from Mom's mom GRANDMOTHERLY
World's most common drink after water TEA
You can certainly work with it TOOL
___ Four (Beatles nickname) FAB