The Telegraph - TOUGHIE CROSSWORD NO: 84 - Sep 3 2023

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Clues Answers
Advance by women in party working for engineer STEPHENSON
Becomes tearful following bad drink FILLSUP
Clay article caught in net EARTHEN
Cut plastic scrap SNIPPET
Exposed beams and post AFTER
Likely not ably, English investigate PROBE
Low moment stumbling upon second-rate fish pie place MELTONMOWBRAY
Manage reversing AI threat in eventful period EPOCHAL
Name of chap that would be defiant going into resit STAN
Official European court located in flawless administrative region PREFECTURE
One announces coal alternative in introductory overview PROCLAIMER
One mishandling fine glass with tons rejected FUMBLER
Pay back rum, beer is free REIMBURSE
Raises as those wanting elevated positions in the Shard may take UPLIFTS
Removed decoration from grasping male that's not indulged unpampered
Clues Answers
Rich person making rabbit periodicals for Spooner MONEYBAGS
Rubbers from EU country, erasers taking ages to rub out POLISHERS
Second-hand publication from America? USED
Stalk game and be quiet RUSH
Still partial to finer things INERT
Strange urge in me to abandon university course REGIMEN
Superior to surgeon could be here ATOP
Temperature rising in one's city TUNIS
This might hold oil like fish contains EASEL
Told heaviness of sheep as warning YOUWAIT
Transport route blocked by a plant CARAWAY
Traveller climbing headland shown in electronic device PASSENGER
Trunk roughly underneath top of tree TORSO
Trying pickle for starters? BAPTISMOFFIRE
Upcoming stand with the French food EDIBLES