L.A. Times Daily - Sep 16 2023

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Clues Answers
"Groundhog Day" segment RESET
"Hamilton" pair ACTS
"Mm-hm" YEP
"Only Murders in the Building" platform HULU
"Star Wars" or "The Starry Night" TITLE
"That was the last straw" IHAVEHADIT
"__ & Dagger": Marvel series CLOAK
Acela stops, e.g AMTRAKSTATIONS
Adrift ATSEA
Alpes-Maritimes city NICE
Amazon Handmade rival ETSY
Austria's Eisriesenwelt, for one ICECAVERN
Beau of literature GESTE
Behavior WAYS
Billie Eilish's "Happier Than __" EVER
Bryce Canyon formation SPIRE
Burden ONUS
Card that's often swiped VISA
Cause a stir RILE
Complex concerns? RENTS
Cook quickly ZAP
Cops who need collars CANINEUNIT
Dinosaur in the den VCR
Dish often served with applesauce PORKCHOPS
Disney character who may have been named in 1931 for a newly discovered planet PLUTO
Ear protection? HUSK
Faint PALE
Fashion line HEM
Feint DEKE
Forms a union TIESTHEKNOT
Giddily silly SLAPHAPPY
Greek equivalent of the Hindu god Kamadeva EROS
Hosp. administration CPR
Clues Answers
Lacking zip VAPID
Late night for Old St. Nick EVE
Madcap ZANY
Mark with a diamond tip ETCH
Mug shot subject PERP
Nile Valley hazard ASP
Old hat TRITE
One thing after another LIST
Onesie closer SNAP
Part of a pre-marathon routine STRETCHES
Periodic table figure ATOMICMASS
Problem for those struggling with delayed gratification NOPATIENCE
Reggae's __-A-Mouse EEK
Remove traces of ERASE
Ruckus ADO
Significant stock holders WAREHOUSESTORES
Soft summons PSST
Something a conductor might pick up TEMPO
Starting pay? ANTE
Stephen Sondheim octet TONYS
Strategies GAMEPLANS
Sunflower kin ASTER
Take a turn for the worse SPRAIN
Tech hotline caller USER
Tennis clinic topic GRIP
Three-toed bird RHEA
Thus far ASYET
Thus far TODATE
USWNT uniform number for Lindsey Horan TEN
Va-va follower VOOM
Wanders around the airport? TSA
Works in a hotel lobby, say ARTPRINTS
Zedonk parent ASS
Zither kin LYRE
__ seed oil HEMP