Universal - Sep 15 2023

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Clues Answers
"Don't go!" STAY
"That so?" ISIT
"The Few. The Proud. The ___." MARINES
"___ ideas?" ANY
2013 Joaquin Phoenix film HER
Airport transport TRAM
Antlered deer STAG
Attila or Bleda HUN
Bellyaching MOANING
Bitter beer ALE
Black wood EBONY
Break into, digitally HACK
Breathable material MESH
Came down with GOT
Cat cafe, in Franglais? CHATROOM
Collette of "Mafia Mamma" TONI
Comical remark JEST
Cook's cooker STOVE
Corkscrew's shape HELIX
Did a sendup of APED
Donkey ASS
Drink served with a thick straw SHAKE
E.R. imperative STAT
Executive's outfit SUIT
Facial feature that's sometimes knitted BROW
Faithful follower DEVOTEE
Family KIN
Far from incompetent ABLE
Fashion line? HEM
Feel sore ACHE
Feeling related to guilt SHAME
Ford flop touted as the "car of the future" EDSEL
Gives for a while LENDS
Gives the once-over SIZESUP
Handshake, in Franglais? MAINSQUEEZE
Hang downward DROOP
Ink ___ (stamp target) PAD
Is down with HAS
Island nation NW of Barbados STLUCIA
Clues Answers
Its attachments jingle KEYRING
Key of "Hotel California" BMINOR
Labrador Sea floater BERG
Latin for "bear" URSA
Long-necked bird HERON
Lovebirds' sounds COOS
Messes up GOOFS
Mother tongue, in Franglais? MEREWORDS
Musician Lena whose surname sounds like an instrument HORNE
Not suitable UNFIT
Official tie of Texas BOLO
On the nose EXACT
Professor's goal TENURE
Put-down DISS
Royal pain PEST
Salesperson's goal QUOTA
Scotiabank ___ (Raptors' home) ARENA
Scribbled message NOTE
Sharpen HONE
Shops that may be kosher DELIS
Short visit SOJOURN
Shortly, to Shakespeare ANON
Shot in the dark STAB
Sneaky SLY
Soccer players protect them SHINS
Something to chew on GUM
Spine-tingling EERIE
Stood out in a good way SHONE
Substantial MEATY
Talent show performance ACT
Teaspoon, in Franglais? THESCOOP
Tiny amount IOTA
Tough trek SLOG
Unknown, on a schedule: Abbr TBA
Very, dramatically OHSO
Word before "guard" or "score" OLD
___ Domingo (Caribbean capital) SANTO