L.A. Times Daily - Sep 12 2023

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Clues Answers
"A likely story!" HAH
"How's it goin'?" SUP
"Let's call __ day" ITA
"Some Like It Hot" star Marilyn MONROE
"Wait, there's more" AND
"Xanadu" rock gp ELO
"You bet!" YES
*1933 comedy starring Marie Dressler and John Barrymore DINNERATEIGHT
*Food stalls offering filled tortillas TACOSTANDS
*Ingredient amount in a recipe for paella or risotto ONECUPRICE
*Kits that include pots for melting cheese or chocolate FONDUESETS
Afghanistan's __ Bora region TORA
Airport arrival JET
As of now YET
Barnett of CBS News ERROL
Baseball Hall of Famer Reese PEEWEE
Bird on birth announcements STORK
Caesar's rebuke ETTU
Car roof with removable panels TTOP
Checkout queue LINE
Climbing vine IVY
Colorful annual ZINNIA
Competed in a sprint, say RAN
Condo division UNIT
Day in Durango DIA
Domain REALM
East, in Spanish ESTE
Enamored of INTO
Eve's opposite MORN
Figure (out) SUSS
Finalized, as a deal SEWNUP
Get situated ORIENT
Heat in the microwave ZAP
High regard ESTEEM
In need of some fresh air STUFFY
In shape FIT
Indiana NBA player PACER
Italian bowling game BOCCE
Clues Answers
Landlord's income RENT
Lengthy exam answer ESSAY
Liberated FREED
Life partner MATE
Like some lean dairy products NOFAT
Like some private communities GATED
Looked down on SNEEREDAT
Marriott rival HYATT
Meaner than mean CRUEL
Nest egg letters IRA
Norse god of thunder THOR
Over again ANEW
Pig sound SNORT
Prodigal __ SON
Put into office ELECT
Regional manner of speech ACCENT
Relating to birds AVIAN
Relishes SAVORS
Rights org. since 1920 ACLU
Rodent that followed the Pied Piper RAT
Roof edge EAVE
Skyline obscurer SMOG
Slight fabrications FIBS
Snowfall accumulation unit INCH
Song for two DUET
Sprinter's race DASH
Tax-paying mo APR
Teatime treat SCONE
Therefore HENCE
Treasury secretary Yellen JANET
Unexpected charges, and a feature of the answers to the starred clues HIDDENFEES
Unflappable STOIC
Vaudeville legend Jimmy DURANTE
Verdi opera about an African princess AIDA
Words set in stone? EPITAPH
Wrinkle remover IRON
__ Berry Farm: Southern California amusement park KNOTTS