The Times - Concise - Times Concise No 9314

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Clues Answers
Agricultural tool MATTOCK
Applied, hands-on PRACTICAL
Artist’s range of colours PALETTE
Bands of colour STRIPES
Bicycle made for two TANDEM
Coastal region of pleasant climate RIVIERA
Dedicated poem ODE
Drive out EXPEL
Entirely innocent BLAMELESS
Exaggerate OVERSTATE
Garlic bulb segment CLOVE
Health resort SPA
Hit, walloped STRUCK
Issue (from) EMANATE
Clues Answers
Lively dance POLKA
Lower leg SHANK
Music genre RAP
Overconfident, cocky BRASH
Ovine animal SHEEP
Polite, decent CIVIL
Recently of late
Reykjavik’s country ICELAND
Run-down cinema FLEAPIT
Shameless BRAZEN
Snag, problem HITCH
Summer star sign LEO
Uncouth, coarse BOORISH
Wonder, stupefaction AMAZEMENT