Family Time - Sep 4 2023

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Clues Answers
". ERE
"A long time ___ ..." AGO
"Catch you tomorrow!" BYE
"Chickens ___ eggs" LAY
"I need that report faster than fast!" ASAP
"I" problem, you "maniac" EGO
"Nay" sayer ANTI
"Terrible performance!" BOO
"The Giving ___" (picture book) TREE
"___ anyone here been to Delaware?" HAS
90 degrees from vert HOR
Aardvark's tasty treat ANT
Amount for a poker hand ANTE
Behind? No, a 180-degree turn AHEAD
Bowled over AWED
Breathes out EXHALES
Buck in the woods STAG
Camel cousin ALPACA
Candles' makeup WAX
Capable ABLE
Carpenter's tool (2 words) TABLESAW
Cathedral section NAVE
Celebrities' favorite sea creature? STARFISH
Censoring sound BLEEP
Chick sound PEEP
Chocolate-vanilla soft serve flavor SWIRL
Eggs from the ocean ROE
Extremely elegant LUXE
Farm waker-upper ROOSTER
First word in a New Year's song AULD
Fishing ___ ROD
Clues Answers
Flirted with a ticket? SPED
Give a high-five to SLAP
Give the nod (to) ACCEDE
Golf ball prop TEE
Groundless, as rumors IDLE
Home for bats CAVE
Like jalapenos wrapped in raw ginger SPICY
Miscellany CATCHALL
Mister, in Rome SIGNOR
More than mins HRS
NFL great Gronkowski ROB
Not feeling well ILL
Place for prekindergartners (2 words) NURSERYSCHOOL
Poppycock FOLDEROL
Put milk into a glass POUR
Quick snooze NAP
Racehorses rest in them STALLS
Some sports injuries HERNIAS
Takes place HAPPENS
The M in E=MC^2 MASS
The ___ Boys (Nancy Drew's friends) HARDY
Thin wood piece SLAT
Tint HUE
Toothpaste container TUBE
Turn potatoes into mush MASH
Valuable rock vein LODE
Wager BET
Wealthy, powerful person NABOB
Wheel shaft AXLE
___ as a fox SLY
___/her/hers SHE