The Times - Specialist - Sunday Times GK Jumbo No 386

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Clues Answers
A gas compound noted for its lack of reactivity HALON
A thug or hired assassin BRAVO
Actor whose roles included bait shop owner Chuck in Grumpy Old Men Ossie Davis
An engine’s ____ arm ensures spark plugs fire in turn ROTOR
An evening greeting in Thuringia guten Abend
Ancient Jordanian city, capital of the Nabataeans PETRA
Baikal in Siberia is the world’s ____ Deepest lake
Based on Greek spelling, a Christogram, sometimes with an added cross, commonly used in medieval Western Europe IHS
Born in Slough but representing Italy, Fiona ____ won world championship long jump titles in 1995 and 2001 MAY
British economy car built 1948-71 Morris Minor
Chancellor succeeded by Gerhard Schröder in 1998 Helmut Kohl
Composer of Otello and Falstaff giuseppe verdi
Computer memory which allows high-speed data retrieval CACHE
Development of an organism from earliest stage to maturity ONTOGENESIS
Driver of Bluebird, which exceeded 300mph on this day in 1935 Malcolm Campbell
Dwight ____ is the only player from Trinidad and Tobago to be the Premier League player of the season YORKE
Eyelashes CILIA
Former boxer ____ Klitschko is Kyiv’s current mayor vitali
Gradually liquidated, as a wasting asset AMORTISED
Habituate (to) INURE
Hunter changed by Artemis into a stag and killed by his own hounds (Greek myth) ACTAEON
In mathematics, an exact proper divisor ALIQUOT
In philosophy, things as they are in themselves, rather than as they are to us through our senses NOUMENA
In the Old Testament, the eleventh son of Jacob JOSEPH
In this exercise, a barbell is held aloft with a snatch grip overhead squat
Clues Answers
Island south of Skye which also has Cuillin hills RUM
Italian creator of the statue depicting 1A outside the Palace of Westminster Carlo Marochetti
James Brown was the “Godfather of ____” SOUL
King crowned on this day in 1189 Richard the Lionheart
Left in faulty condition UNCORRECTED
Listen to all another has to say hear out
Location of the record-breaking event in the 12A clue Bonneville Salt Flats
Medieval female headdress, later associated with nuns WIMPLE
Pertaining to engraving or carving GLYPTIC
Puts in fresh ammunition RELOADS
Raw ungalvanized rubber caoutchouc
River which runs through Grenoble ISERE
Rock band formed in 1969 by members of The Crazy World of Arthur Brown Atomic Rooster
Sitcom starring Rik Mayall as slimy MP Alan B’Stard The New Statesman
Solid figures with five plane faces pentahedra
Successor of Richard Nixon Gerald Ford
The American ___ is the state tree of Massachusetts ELM
The Islamic code of religious law SHARIA
The Red Army Faction was also called the ____ Group Baader-Meinhof
The skill of interpreting visemes rather than phonemes lip-reading
The State ____ is the lower house of the Russian parliament DUMA
Third and final single from Pink Floyd’s album The Wall Comfortably Numb
To marinate food, especially fish SOUSE
US name for an instrument shaped like a xylophone, but with metal bars VIBRAHARP
____’s Supper at Emmaus is shown at the National Gallery CARAVAGGIO