L.A. Times Daily - Sep 1 2023

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Clues Answers
"2 Fast 2 Furious" actress Mendes EVA
"In sum ... " ANDSO
"Mrs. Dalloway" or "The Hours" NOVEL
"Naruto" genre ANIME
"NCIS" airer CBS
"Proceed with confidence!," and how to make the answers to 20-, 31-, and 43-Across match their clues NOHESITATION
"__ not what you think" ITS
Angsty music genre EMO
Battle zone journalist EMBED
Bistros CAFES
Bowled over INAWE
Brief qualifier IMO
Crossword clues that don't match their answers, e.g ERRORS
Cry of dismay from a sailor? AHOYMATEY
Culturally pretentious ARTY
Documentary filmmaker Stern RICKI
Downtimes LULLS
Edible flower whose bulb has a toxic core TULIP
Fence supports POSTS
Fully caffeinated, say ALERT
Fully grown MATURE
Gets moving PRODS
Goal of many eBayers RESALE
Got better IMPROVED
Gym shirt TEE
Gym unit REP
Inflammation reducers STEROIDS
ISP choice DSL
Lenny Kravitz, to Roxie Roker SON
Like books on goodreads.com RATED
Like flourless chocolate cake DENSE
Meditation expert YOGI
More washed out PALER
No longer relevant MOOT
Olympic blades EPEES
Clues Answers
One inch = one mile, e.g SCALE
Only state to adopt a state seal designed by a woman IDAHO
Out of commission LAIDUP
Out-of-date OLD
Overused STALE
Paragon IDEAL
Piña __ COLADA
Play to the cheap seats EMOTE
Poet Gallagher TESS
Pop band Panic! at the __ DISCO
Pop in on VISIT
Pouch for collecting cobs? CORNERPOCKET
Repulsed reaction UGH
School gp. that sponsors book fairs PTA
Short address URL
Slobbery smooch WETONE
Some antique cars REOS
Source of inspiration for a candlemaker? WAXMUSEUM
St. crosser AVE
Strains TAXES
Sugar amount, per Mary Poppins SPOONFUL
Summit TOP
Swift's home NEST
Swiper of "Dora the Explorer," for one FOX
Test-drive SPIN
The Nature Conservancy, e.g., briefly NGO
Tiny WEE
Transcript components GRADES
TV's warrior princess XENA
Two under par EAGLE
Vacillates YOYOS
Victorious cry WEWIN
Worrier's intro IFEAR
Yellowstone resident ELK
__ by jowl: side by side CHEEK
__ park THEME