The Telegraph - TOUGHIE CROSSWORD NO: 3,121 - Aug 29 2023

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Clues Answers
Agree with everything in terms of current theory TALLY
Basic replies regularly note being in lead? ELEMENTAL
Bring back theatre promotion REPRISE
Cable conveying officer's agreement CONCORD
Carry out director's instruction ACTION
Characteristic of issue in unhealthy family relationships? INBRED
Cold floor without opening window frame CASEMENT
Comic failing to begin relating to those watching? OCULAR
Cook starters of egg, cheese and mashed potato? DANCE
Derelict housing close to slum in backward area TRAMP
Director wasted money due to this person CREDITOR
Encapsulate lives in abridged version of large-scale literary work EPITOMISE
Fish catcher, empty at first CREEL
Form an unfavourable opinion of Conservative guarantee CENSURE
Having to acknowledge victory is secured by own goal OWING
Increase resistance in material for building houses INCREMENT
Clues Answers
Lay to rest uninteresting cases INTER
Lying about fraudulent activity RESTING
Merchandise having desirable qualities succeeded GOODS
Metal unit tossed around in freak storm STRONTIUM
Part of vessel primarily underwater? Not when in high wind GUNWALE
Pays for beloved to come back for beginning of March? FOOTSTEP
Person betraying party from Ulster perhaps following revolution TURNCOAT
Pictures of Germany taken by current prime minister IMAGERY
Server that connects to mobile phone? CHARGER
Significant article from abroad about impact of The Sun? IMPORTANT
Single person pretty much against marriage UNION
Soldier on a separate base PERSEVERE
Spell 'preference' without a P ENCHANT
Suspect balls-up involving Italy and Spain is likely PLAUSIBLE
Transfer gains ground around start of season ASSIGN
Volunteer who helps arch-enemy around beginning of March? SAMARITAN