L.A. Times Daily - Aug 28 2023

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Clues Answers
"Beg pardon" AHEM
"East of Eden" son ARON
"Either way works for me" IMEASY
"Hulk" star Eric BANA
"Just keeping you on your __" TOES
"Mariners Apartment Complex" singer Del Rey LANA
"Putting my phone down a sec" BRB
"SNL" alum known for her Target Lady sketches KRISTENWIIG
"That __ fair!" ISNT
"What __ I thinking?" WAS
Alumna bio word NEE
Animated character TOON
Car's storage compartment, or a feature of 17-, 24-, 48-, and 58-Across? CENTERCONSOLE
Carpe __: seize the day DIEM
Cleveland's lake ERIE
Commotion ADO
Concert keepsake TEE
Conclude by ENDAT
Connecticut's time zone EASTERN
Exchanges on WhatsApp, for short IMS
Expert serve ACE
Fake user BOT
Fifth Avenue store SAKS
Flair ELAN
Floral garland LEI
Former U.N. head Hammarskjöld DAG
Freezer cubes ICE
Frozen drink sometimes made with rosé WINESLUSHIE
Get too personal PRY
Get weepy CRY
Google Sheets lines ROWS
Heart test, briefly ECG
Hesitant sounds ERS
Hesitant sounds UMS
High rumblers ELS
Inadvertently reveals a secret advantage TIPSONESHAND
Key tahini ingredient SESAME
Clues Answers
Kind ILK
King of Spain FELIPE
Long mushrooms ENOKIS
Low rumbler BASSO
Make a choice OPT
Misfortunes ILLS
Most warm NICEST
Not in use IDLE
Nutritional amt RDA
On-screen command after typing one's PIN PRESSENTER
Opera set in Egypt AIDA
Opposite of paleo- NEO
Pulitzer-winning poet Sharon OLDS
Regret RUE
Related to the lower back SACRAL
Salty expanse SEA
Sculling blade OAR
Shiverer's sound BRR
Shrek, for one OGRE
Shrill shriek EEK
Slangy "reckon" SPOSE
Smartphone download APP
Some tissue dispensers KLEENEXBOXES
Source of prophecies ORACLE
South Pacific resort island BALI
Spa sigh AHH
Spot for an AirPod EAR
Taboos NONOS
Taylor Swift's "__ Song" OUR
Throws out EXPELS
To be, in Paris ETRE
Totally fine AOK
Trig ratio SINE
Unit of resistance OHM
Vocal group that sings the "Where in the World Is Carmen Sandiego?" theme song ROCKAPELLA
Washington's capital OLYMPIA
Wrigley corners BASES
Yankee Stadium's borough BRONX
__ pitcher: bullpen figure RELIEF