Universal - Aug 28 2023

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Clues Answers
"All ___ in favor ..." THOSE
"And that's that" NUFFSAID
"How awful!" OHNO
"I finally understand!" AHA
"Sabrina the Teenage Witch" actress Caroline RHEA
"Spare me the details!" TMI
"The Brady Bunch" boy PETER
"Weekend Update" co-host Michael CHE
"___ is more" LESS
*Necessity at a pancake house? AMPLESYRUP
*One who exchanges concoctions? POTIONSTRADER
*Tantrum happening for no apparent reason? UNCLEARMELTDOWN
*Visitors to Russia's Winter Palace, once? TSARWITNESSES
Acrobatic maneuvers performed by the starred clues' answers? FRONTFLIPS
Act stunned REEL
Aladdin's sidekick ABU
Aquarium fish TETRA
Big Apple paper, for short NYT
Bring together UNIFY
Brown or Yale, e.g IVY
Deteriorates from use WEARS
Didn't lose count (of) KEPTTRACK
Driver on a movie set ADAM
Edmonton athlete OILER
Egypt's ___ Peninsula SINAI
Etouffee crustacean Crawfish
Exam for an aspiring atty LSAT
Founded: Abbr EST
Gift box topper BOW
Go-betweens LIAISONS
Hiking trails PATHS
Is the responsibility of LIESWITH
Itty-bitty WEE
Lab coat? FUR
Labrador, for one SEA
Large Hadron Collider's lab CERN
Licorice-flavored herb ANISE
Clues Answers
Like a poppin' party LIT
Like an even score TIED
Like library books, eventually DUE
Minimal tide NEAP
Mouthful of whiskey, say SWIG
Move like a moth FLIT
Muscle soreness ACHE
New York Harbor's ___ Island ELLIS
Nice way to say thanks? MERCI
Norse trickster god LOKI
Orangutans and others APES
Park ___ (Monopoly property) PLACE
Participate in bouldering CLIMB
Podiatrist's digit TOE
Qualifying races HEATS
Radius neighbor ULNA
Rae who voiced a Spider-Woman ISSA
Reaches across SPANS
Respond on "Jeopardy!" ASK
Response to "Who, me?" YESYOU
Say without thinking BLURT
Show interest in receiving a hand? ANTE
Simon in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame PAUL
Simple dwellings HOVELS
Speck of dust MOTE
Sporty autobahn auto PORSCHE
Sundial readout SOLARTIME
They're often shorter than eons ERAS
Throat ailment, in brief STREP
Title with a tilde SENOR
Voice above tenor ALTO
Volcano output LAVA
Works-cited page abbr ETAL
Wrestling form whose highest rank is yokozuna SUMO
___ Angeles LOS
___ culpa MEA