New York Times - Aug 27 2023

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Clues Answers
'But then again ...,' in a text OTOH
'Eh? Eh?' [nudge, nudge] AMIRIGHT
'Good Times' and 'Happy Days,' e.g SITCOMS
'Miracle Workers' cable channel TBS
'Of course,' in Spanish CLARO
'The Godfather' brother FREDO
'The thrill of victory ... and the ___ of defeat' ('Wide World of Sports' catchphrase) AGONY
'___ Twist, Scientist' (hit children's book) ADA
19th-century adversary of an 18-Down YANK
19th-century adversary of an 80-Across REB
200 in the Indianapolis 500 LAPS
Ali who retired undefeated LAILA
Ancient theaters ODEA
Animal on a road sign DEER
Artwork that's hard to move MURAL
Battle of Britain grp RAF
Because SINCE
Before, once ERE
Big ___ (props) UPS
Blockaded, militarily SIEGED
Blue, Charlie, Delta or Echo in 'Jurassic World' RAPTOR
Bumbler CLOD
Came and went unnoticed SLIDBY
Canine calls ARFS
Car key button LOCK
Catch some rays TAN
Certain spa treatment PEEL
Child of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle ARCHIE
Classic brand of candy wafers NECCO
Common site for a scrape KNEE
Costa Ricans, informally TICOS
Craft project with rubber bands TIEDYE
Deceive LIETO
December door décor WREATH
Decorate again READORN
Designer Gucci ALDO
Disreputable sorts LOWLIFES
Door latch HASP
Exponentially MANYFOLD
Farm-related prefix AGRO
Few and far between SCARCE
Finish coloring, as a tattoo INKIN
First name in neo-Marxism? OMAR
Frigidity ICINESS
Funny sort CUTUP
Got off the fence OPTED
Hanukkah pancake LATKE
Hash ingredients, informally TATERS
Hell of a guy? DEVIL
Home of India's National Museum DELHI
Idly amuses oneself KILLSTIME
Info that's often only partly revealed: Abbr SSN
It might be pulled in a secret signal EAR
Keep ___ MUM
Kind of nerve that runs through the leg SCIATIC
Last installment of 'The Godfather' (for now) III
Last-minute cry at a surprise party HIDE
Laura of 'Big Little Lies' DERN
Lay one's cards on the table? DEAL
Like flourless cake DENSE
Like most Iranians SHIA
Like this clue's number ODD
Clues Answers
Like tires TREADED
Megagram TONNE
Name of two Spice Girls MEL
Neighbor of Georgia ARMENIA
News agency inits UPI
Noon, in France MIDI
Not up to much IDLE
Occurs to, with 'on' DAWNS
Part of some rappers' names LIL
Peashooter? POOLPLAYER
Pelvic exercise KEGEL
Perhaps SAY
Phil Dunphy of 'Modern Family,' for one TVDAD
Picture of good health, one hopes? MRI
Pioneer in psychedelics LEARY
Pipe down? SEWER
Politician with a famous 'like' button? IKE
Popular typeface ARIAL
Pronto SOON
Protagonist of a touching story? MIDAS
Puts forward POSITS
QB's stat TDS
Rahm who won the 2023 Masters JON
Record holder REGISTRAR
Rice dish simmered in broth PILAF
Rough up MAUL
Russian legislature DUMA
Sammy with 31 Oscar nominations CAHN
Savage of 'Savage Love' DAN
Scraped (out) EKED
Seasickness? COMMONCOLD
Second picture in an alphabet book, maybe BEE
Singer Jon with the 1992 hit 'Just Another Day' SECADA
Snoopy grp CIA
Some haunted house decorations WEBS
Some unnamed addressees SIRS
Speck MOTE
Speechless with shock AGASP
Sport with two diacritics in its name EPEE
Start of some praise ATTA
Suffer AIL
Surface alternative IPAD
Tee-ball game? TABLETENNIS
The 'Y' of JPY YEN
Their sales spike in December FIRTREES
Thick soup noodle UDON
This puzzle has 21 of them ROWS
Thomas Paine and Thomas Jefferson, for two DEISTS
Throw in ADD
Title that shares etymology with 'kaiser' TSAR
To the slightest degree ATALL
Topped, as Tupperware LIDDED
Trees whose berries flavor gin JUNIPERS
Ultimately be fine ENDWELL
Unconventional protagonist NONHERO
Unintended signal TELL
Versailles, for one PALACE
Way to get ahead in Life? SPINNER
When 'I'm in love,' in a 1992 hit by the Cure FRIDAY
Without letup UNABATED
Word with station or silence RADIO
Words beginning 32 assertions in Dr. Seuss' 'Green Eggs and Ham' IDONOT
___ horribilis (1992, per Queen Elizabeth) ANNUS
___ marker MILE
___ moment INA