USA Today - Sep 28 2023

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Clues Answers
'50s garment with a poodle on it SKIRT
'Crikey!' EGAD
'ew, pls stop talking' TMI
'Gangstas for Life' artist EBONYPATTERSON
'Introducing, ___ Blair' (documentary) SELMA
'The Last of Us' protagonist ELLIE
'Toodle-oo!' TATA
'Totally serious' NOJOKE
'Which Barbie Character Are You?,' e.g QUIZ
'You're betraying me too?!' ETTU
'You're telling me a cis teen built this ___?' CHAPEL
'___ Is a Place on Earth' (Belinda Carlyle hit) HEAVEN
2021 movie named for a former record store chain LICORICEPIZZA
Ancient harp relative LYRE
Astuteness ACUMEN
Backyard barbecue cookers CHARCOALGRILLS
Bike part with treads TIRE
Bluesky and Bitmoji, for example APPS
Body part that a soul patch doesn't quite reach CHIN
Cheesy dish made with taters instead of chips TOTCHOS
Chooses OPTS
Dining room furniture TABLE
Dog breed whose name becomes a permanent marker brand when the last two letters are switched SHARPEI
Dust ___ (bug) MITE
Easy question GIMME
Element that rusts IRON
Emotionless STONY
Filming locations SETS
Final LAST
First word in a letter, often DEAR
Float, like an aroma WAFT
Former spouses EXES
Frozen water ICE
Fruity desserts TARTS
Full and waxing crescent, e.g PHASES
Green, black, red or white beverage TEA
Clues Answers
Grows crops for a living FARMS
Had a feeling SENSED
Huge 'number' ZILLION
Includes privately on an email BCCS
Indigenous people for whom a Southwestern state is named UTES
Jerk ASS
Many Yemenis ARABS
Mollusk with banana and leopard species SLUG
Observe SEE
Overly sentimental SAPPY
Parking area LOT
Period of history ERA
Poke bowl protein AHI
Psychoactive component of weed gummies THC
Pub order ALE
Raises a glass TOASTS
Rds. and aves STS
School support orgs PTAS
Sewing border HEM
Showed concern CARED
Small jumps HOPS
Sorrow WOE
Summer zodiac sign LEO
That guy's HIS
Throw in the towel QUIT
Turned down DENIED
Two-dot mark UMLAUT
Units of land ACRES
Veto NIX
Women's World Cup sport SOCCER
Word that means 'look good' in ball culture SERVE
Yes, to a pirate AYE
___ bread (French toast, in Britain) EGGY
___ Mahal TAJ
___ Stadium (L.A. Rams' home) SOFI
___ the bill (pays a tab) FOOTS
___-pedi MANI