USA Today - Sep 27 2023

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Clues Answers
'And others' in Latin ETAL
'And there you have it!' TADA
'Como ___ usted?' ESTA
'I can make the ___ guys good for a weekend' (Taylor Swift lyric) BAD
'Or ___!' (threatening words) ELSE
Activist Brockovich ERIN
Amusement park shuttles TRAMS
Apology offered after swearing PARDONMYFRENCH
Basic font ARIAL
Bro and sis SIBS
Cash in REDEEM
Catchall category, for short MISC
Chocolate source CACAO
Come to an abrupt stop HALT
Congresswoman Bush CORI
Cooks in bubbling water BOILS
Corp. bigwigs CEOS
Decorate ADORN
Defusing a misunderstanding CLEARINGTHEAIR
Dialect coach's focus ACCENT
Emerged AROSE
Enemy of Simba and Mufasa SCAR
Evelyn 'Champagne' King genre DISCO
Feature of a Southern 52-Across, often TWANG
Flower part STEM
Frog's partner in childrens' books TOAD
Frozen drink ICEE
Gave kibble to FED
Had a nice meal DINED
Ice cream brand EDYS
Last Greek letter OMEGA
Like a 30-degree angle ACUTE
Makes a sulky face POUTS
Micro or macro subject ECON
More pleasant NICER
Not home AWAY
Clues Answers
Not loose TAUT
Number of lives cats are said to have NINE
Old Russian ruler TSAR
Olivia Rodrigo's debut album SOUR
Other, in Spanish OTRO
Part of a rapid COVID test SWAB
Peacekeeping grp. with an alphabet NATO
Period of history EPOCH
Person talking to everyone at a party SOCIALBUTTERFLY
Primate such as Zoboomafoo LEMUR
Queen of Arendelle ELSA
Raison d'___ ETRE
Red 'Sesame Street' character ELMO
Relieve with aloe, say SOOTHE
Simba or Mufasa LION
Similar AKIN
Some viral images MEMES
Spiritual teacher GURU
State south of Minnesota IOWA
States of ___ (solid, liquid, gas, plasma) MATTER
Stopped sleeping WOKE
Stopwatch button RESET
Substance with a low pH ACID
Sundubu-jjigae ingredient TOFU
Takes the bait BITES
They have 60 mins HRS
Third planet from the sun EARTH
To ___ their own EACH
Total stranger RANDO
Town home to Canada's oldest national park BANFF
Type of whale that goes through menopause ORCA
Use a car's blinkers SIGNAL
Used the back of a pencil ERASED
What fitness trackers count STEPS
Wine country county next to Napa SONOMA
Wriggly invertebrate WORM
___ the wrong way RUB
___-pitch softball SLO