L.A. Times Daily - Aug 23 2023

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Clues Answers
"Atlas Shrugged" author AYNRAND
"Aw, darn it!" OHHELL
"Detective Pikachu" actor Watanabe KEN
"More or __" LESS
"No worries" ITSOKAY
"Spider-Man: __ the Spider-Verse" ACROSS
"True Blood" star Paquin ANNA
"__ closed!" CASE
*"Is this a smile on my face?" HOWMADAMI
*Forensic expert on many a crime drama DNAANALYST
*Like Viola and Sebastian's ship at the start of "Twelfth Night" LOSTATSEA
*Warning from the paranoid TRUSTNOONE
Abbreviation on old Russian maps SSR
Accessories worn by soccer captains ARMBANDS
Baklava sweetener HONEY
Barely gets (by) EKES
Barnyard female EWE
California governor Gavin NEWSOM
CBS News correspondent Barnett ERROL
Climate for much of Nevada DESERT
Clinic staffers: Abbr RNS
Converged MET
Dessert with icing CAKE
Driver's "Star Wars" role REN
Enjoyed some gum, say CHEWED
Envelope opened with a click, e.g ICON
Explosive initials TNT
Final authority SAYSO
Five dollar face, for short ABE
Grunts and groans NOISES
High tennis shot LOB
Hurricane center EYE
Jazz licks RIFFS
Key in a PC reboot combo CTRL
Lab rodent RAT
Lab rodent MOUSE
Clues Answers
Make sympathetic ENDEAR
Mama's mama NANA
Move like tides and stock prices, or what the hidden words do in the answers to the starred clues? RISEANDFALL
Neighborhood diner? LOCAVORE
Of sound mind SANE
Old Italian bread? LIRA
Olive center PIT
Perfectly calm SERENE
Picked CHOSE
Pigeon sound COO
Prefix with gender CIS
Pro's 35mm camera, maybe SLR
Profundity DEPTH
Quick appraisal ONCEOVER
Remove for security reasons, say REDACT
Requires Febreze, maybe SMELLS
Restored to mint condition LIKENEW
Roster newbie ROOKIE
Shape of a "timeout" hand signal TEE
Skidded SLID
Skor bar center TOFFEE
Sleep cycle letters REM
Small dots on a map TOWNS
Small plateaus MESAS
Some ESPN highlights TDS
Spanish gold ORO
Strands in a tree TINSEL
Sudoku diagram GRID
Taxi money CABFARE
Tiebreaker periods, briefly OTS
Tolkien tree creatures ENTS
Tony-winning musical "Dear __ Hansen" EVAN
Trucker in a union TEAMSTER
Unwelcoming ICY
Vision SIGHT
Without restraint WILDLY
__ manual OWNERS